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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, July 28, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:00 am
Westerbur & Rowe (local) J 2018 (new) Northern Ashram 2018
2:21 am
Viands (local) Set Adrift/Celestial Companions Seven Thousand Year Plan (new) Two Rooms 2018
2:43 am
Thollem and Clem Fortuna (local) Twelve Primes Your Letter Must Have Followed Me All Over the World (new) Two Rooms 2018
2:46 am
Quartet Now! (local) Number Four Quartet Now! (new) Two Rooms 2018
2:52 am
Matchess The Misty Realm Sacracorpa (new) Trouble In Mind 2018
2:58 am
C C C V L T S S S Xiphos clear lathe cut 7" (new) Possible Motive 2018
3:08 am
Outer Heaven Untitled Jungle Blunted Breaks Vol​ume 1 (LP Sampler) (new) Western Lore 2018
3:13 am
Special Request Looking Glass Through the Looking Glass (new) Houndstooth 2018
3:20 am
Fred Thomas (local) Good Times Are Gone Again Aftering (new) Polyvinyl 2018
3:23 am
Fred Thomas After All These Accidents I Heard the Angels Sing (new) Ypsilanti 2003
3:27 am
Stupid/Human (local) Behind the Toolbox We're Twins Sampler 2003 We're Twins 2003
3:29 am
The Space Lady Street of Dreams On the Street of Dreams (new) Bongo Joe 2018
3:33 am
Ross From Friends Pale Blue Dot Family Portrait (new) Brainfeeder 2018
3:37 am
Flora FM (local) Artificial Limb Company EP (new) Vanity Press Records 2018
3:43 am
Flora FM (local) Eternal Huron Shadows Atomic Garden (new) Argot 2018
3:49 am
Omar-S (local) Tap Dat Ass 12" FXHE 2017
3:56 am
Perceptrons Cricks Prick Perceptrons Switch A/V 1992
4:00 am
Perceptrons Remnants (The Ballet Suite) Remnants Switch A/V 1995
4:21 am
Vintage Future (local) The Charmer Venomous Underground Resistance 2002
4:26 am
Underground Resistance (local) Cyclone 12" Underground Resistance 1992
4:33 am
Robert Rich Galvanic Response The Biode (new) Soundscape 2018
4:37 am
Underground Resistance (local) Punisher 12" Underground Resistance 1991
4:42 am
Nick Speed (local) Copy Cat (Inst) Speed of Sound Underground Resistance 2010
4:46 am
Markant untitled Cat M-13 Markant 1998
4:54 am
Tim Walters Yesterday's Tomorrow Today Austerity Measures (new) VauxFlores Industrial 2018
4:57 am
Medeski Martin & Wood Nocturne (Automator Remix) Combustication Remix EP Blue Note 1999
5:04 am
Larval (local) Surrounded by Light Larval Avant 1996
5:07 am
Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith Black Satin Yo Miles! Shanachie 1998
5:15 am
Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith Willie Dixon Yo Miles! Sky Garden Cuneiform 2004
5:22 am
Scott Amendola Trio Death By Flower Lift Sazi Records 2010
5:26 am
LFZ An Ambiguous Utopia Name Plus Focus (new) Castle Face 2018
5:32 am
Bethany Curve Jalap Mee-eaux Manufactured Recordings 1995
5:37 am
White Ring Do U Love Me 2? Gate of Grief (new) Rocket Girl 2018
5:43 am
Container Leaker LP (new) Spectrum Spools 2018
5:47 am
Andrew Tuttle Transmission Interruption Andrew Tuttle (new) Someone Good 2018
5:54 am
K. Leimer Method, Language, and Silence Imposed Order Palace of Lights Records 1983