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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet Venushügel Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet (new) Purple Pyramid 2018
2:36 am
Jeff Greinke High Flyers of the Night Sky Before Sunrise (new) Spotted Peccary 2018
2:46 am
Gavin Gamboa We Won't Let You Disappear Off Of This Earth Piece For Samuel LaBudde (new) Bandcamp 2018
2:50 am
Nils Frahm Harmonium In The Well Encores 1 (new) Erased Tapes 2018
3:01 am
DAS side A part II Feinted Haunts Close/Far 2017
3:08 am
múm My Claws Menschen am Sonntag - Live in Berlin (new) Morr Music 2018
3:14 am
Potions Unraveling Ostinato (new) Hausu Mountain 2018
3:18 am
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones Lurk 101 Vicious Circles (new) Planet Mu 2018
3:21 am
CCFX Venetian Screens (Long Dark Tunnel Mix) The Remixes (new) DFA 2018
3:28 am
aphtc When Grounds Shift (The Otolith Is Obsolete) mp3 (new) Arcane Patterns 2018
3:33 am
Rebecca Phillips Burnt Peach (Object Blue Remix) mp3 (new) Ditto Music 2018
3:38 am
O/H Supply Demand Market Values (new) L.I.E.S. 2018
3:45 am
Helena Hauff Panegyric Qualm (new) Ninja Tune 2018
3:51 am
Steve Hauschildt Aroid Dissolvi (new) Ghostly International 2018
3:56 am
Der Zyklus Elektronisches Zeitecho 12" Clone Aqualung Series 2001
4:01 am
X-Altera (local) Shoreline (Can't Understand) X-Altera (new) Ghostly International 2018
4:07 am
Rhythm Phazer Light Fog 7" (new) Vanity Press Records 2018
4:12 am
Community Corporation (local) Subterranean Limestone Aquifer EP Argot 2014
4:19 am
Flora FM (local) Q Horned Column Atomic Garden (new) Argot 2018
4:25 am
Flora FM (local) Comet Xterra EP (new) Vanity Press Records 2018
4:32 am
Sverre Knut Johansen with David Helpling Space and Time The Vast Expanse (new) Spotted Peccary 2018
4:41 am
Omar-S and OB Ignitt (local) Wayne County Hill Cop's (Omar-S Mix) 12" FXHE 2012
4:49 am
Alex.O.Smith (local) Ultra Fine One Mid 90's FXHE 2010
4:54 am
Omar-S (local) Set It Out 002 FXHE 2003
5:00 am
Ross from Friends Wear Me Down Family Portrait (new) Brainfeeder 2018
5:05 am
Container Vacancy LP (new) Spectrum Spools 2018
5:08 am
Jeff Snyder & Federico Ughi Bad Bishop Duo (new) Carrier 2018
5:12 am
Tim Walters Incense and Insensibility Austerity Measures (new) VauxFlores Industrial 2018
5:15 am
JP Schlegelmilch/Jonathan Goldberger/Jim Black Corvus Visitors (new) Skirl Records 2018
5:20 am
Lovebirds (local) Verse, Not Beat Lovebirds Casanova Temptations Edutainment Consortium 2005
5:23 am
Bethany Curve Out of the Clear Mee-Eaux Manufactured Recordings 1995
5:31 am
Robert Rich Witchetty Vertu The Biode (new) Soundscape 2018
5:38 am
Carlton Melton Atmospheric River Mind Minerals (new) Agitated 2018
5:51 am
Andrew Tuttle Reflections on the Twilight Andrew Tuttle (new) Someone Good 2018
5:55 am
LFZ Name Plus Focus Equals Purpose Name Plus Focus (new) Castle Face 2018