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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, August 25, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:00 am
Autechre four of seven NTS Session 1 (new) Warp 2018
2:12 am
Bola Landor 50X2 D.E.G. Skam 2017
2:19 am
Richard Devine Opaque Ke Sort\Lave (new) Timesig 2018
2:23 am
Klaus Schulze's Wahnfried Rubbish Trance Appeal MIG 1996
2:29 am
Klaus Schulze The Wings of String The Crime of Suspense MIG 2000
2:37 am
Gilad Granot (local) Act IV: Malaise Pure Leisure (new) Bandcamp 2018
2:42 am
Heroin In Tahiti Holy GRA Reversed Casilina Tapes (new) Boring Machines 2018
2:47 am
Jesusbeams Drunkstep Six (new) Bandcamp 2018
2:51 am
E-Saggila Glass Wing Dedicated to Sublimity (new) BANK Records NYC 2018
2:55 am
JK Flesh Dark Horse Wasplike (new) Inner Surface Music 2018
3:00 am
NHK yx Koyxen Intention / Pio Reflexes (new) DFA 2018
3:04 am
P.E.A.R.L. Sorrows (2018 Version) Sorrows Versions (new) Falling Ethics 2018
3:11 am
Lurka Heat Mover 12" (new) Timedance 2018
3:16 am
DJ Seinfeld The Beginning of an End Sunrise Endotherm 2017
3:21 am
Inhalants There Are Cops Around 12" L.I.E.S. 2014
3:27 am
McGruff The Crime Dog Inhalants McGruff's Smart Kids Album Sony Wonder 1986
3:31 am
Derek Carr Nebulon B Alpha Base EP (new) Ferox 2018
3:37 am
Da Soul Boyz Welcome to Durban Welcome to Durban (new) Nervous Horizon 2018
3:43 am
Imaabs ft. Wasted Fates Impasse mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2018
3:47 am
BADSISTA NA ONDA DA BABYLON mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2018
3:49 am
Clemency nova geração hitch mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2018
3:54 am
Hyph11E Enter Nowhere mp3 (new) Country Music 2018
4:02 am
Swan Meat Lisp mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2018
4:06 am
Siete Catorce & AMAZONDOTCOM Opposite Moon mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2018
4:13 am
Iglooghost Clear Tamei Clear Tamei (new) self-released 2018
4:17 am
Iglooghost Mei Mode Steel Mogu (new) self-released 2018
4:21 am
Snorlax Bakra Gets Rinsed From the Ghetto The Melt 2013
4:26 am
Zombieflesheater Civil War In Kingston (Version) split 12" w/ Amboss Restroom Records 2004
4:27 am
Gai/Jin On Gun Court Singles Series 7" Wabana Ore Limited 2000
4:32 am
Yann Novak Nothing Ever Transcends Its Immediate Environment The Future Is a Forward Escape into the Past (new) Touch 2018
4:39 am
Amboss Ex-pi-ate split 12" w/ Zombieflesheater Restroom Records 2004
4:44 am
Unibomber Untitled Post Modern Broadcast Sinthetic Rec. 1998
4:49 am
UndaCova Supressed Induction Dyslexic Response 2004
4:53 am
ADC Roma 1943 Giammarco Fratocchi E.P. Darkmatter Soundsystem 2006
4:57 am
Fire-Toolz ✓ iNTERBEiNG Skinless X-1 (new) Hausu Mountain 2018
5:00 am
Death Grips Disappointed Year of the Snitch (new) Third Worlds 2018
5:04 am
TWINS Stuck That Which Is Not Said (new) 2MR 2018
5:07 am
Sumac Attis' Blade Love In Shadow (new) Thrill Jockey 2018
5:23 am
Alexander Tucker Ghost on the Ledge Don't Look Away (new) Thrill Jockey 2018
5:25 am
Eyes of Love Version of Tomorrow End of the Game (new) Wharf Cat Records 2018
5:30 am
K. Leimer A Nostalgia Imposed Order/Imposed Absence Palace of Lights Records 2018
5:35 am
Klaus Schulze The Youth Le Moulin de Daudet MIG 1992
5:36 am
Andrew Bernstein Round Up An Exploded View of Time (new) Hausu Mountain 2018
5:39 am
Christian Rønn/Ikue Mori The Path Chordis Et Machina (new) Resipiscent/Tonometer Music 2018
5:44 am
Roy Montgomery with Circuit des Yeux Apparition Suffuse (new) Grapefruit 2018
5:51 am
Steve Hauschildt ft. Julianna Barwick Saccade Dissolvi (new) Ghostly International 2018
5:55 am
Dorian Concept J Buyers The Nature of Imitation (new) Brainfeeder 2018