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Playlist: The Seizure Experiment

with rotating host DJ free jazz on Sunday, June 24, 2018

Show Notes:

Late start to TSE but Paul's here playing nothing but GODFLESH!!! See them at El Club on 8/22!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:00 pm
fickle friends midnight you are someone else polydor 2018
10:03 pm
fickle friends she you are someone else polydor 2018
10:07 pm
fickle friends useless you are someone else polydor 2018
10:40 pm
Godflesh Body Dome Light Selfless Earache 1994
10:47 pm
Godflesh Slateman Slavestate Earache 1991
10:52 pm
Godflesh Hunter Songs of Love and Hate Earache 1996
10:57 pm
Godflesh Like Rats Streetcleaner Earache 1989
11:02 pm
Godflesh Parasite Post Self Avalanche 2017
11:05 pm
Godflesh Monotremata Pure Earache 1992
11:15 pm
Godflesh Almost Heaven (Helldub) Love And Hate In Dub Earache 1997
11:21 pm
Godflesh Pulp (Peel Session) In All Languages Earache 1989
11:28 pm
JK Flesh Bayley Tower (New Mix) Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armageddon Avalanche 2017
11:33 pm
Godflesh I, Me, Mine Us and Them Earache 1999
11:38 pm
Godflesh Witchhunt (Tyrant Remix) In All Languages Earache 2001
11:44 pm
Godflesh Unworthy Merciless Earache 1994
11:51 pm
Godflesh Mirror of Finite Light Post Self Avalanche 2017
11:55 pm
Godflesh Pure Pure Earache 1992