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Playlist: Freeform w/ Michelle Ryan Hughes

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:03 am
dear darkness you done something get it here self-released 2016
6:08 am
danielle duval lose it lose it peopleplay 2018
6:09 am
weaves coo coo weaves kanine 2016
6:12 am
shacks sleeping haze big crown 2018
6:16 am
no thank you outdoor cat all it takes to ruin it all lame-o 2018
6:20 am
la luz cicada floating features hardly art 2018
6:22 am
eleanor friedberger everything rebound frenchkiss 2018
6:25 am
all girl summer fun band grass skirt summer of '98
6:27 am
leichtmetall wir sind keine kabarettisten wir sind blumen 2006
6:37 am
the red shadow reading marx live at the panacea hilton physical 1975
6:38 am
karate break freedom frenzy karate break self-released 2018
6:45 am
mueran humanos un lugar ideal miseress atp 2015
6:45 am
farah law of life after dark italians do it better 2018
6:55 am
randolph's grin ask me darkness and the machine: a collection of detroit industrial and gothic carpe mortem 1998
6:55 am
adult. human wreck resuscitation 2001
7:01 am
la law breakman law & order burger records 2018
7:08 am
kellarissa ocean electric ocean electro mint 2018
7:10 am
half waif lilac house lavender cascine 2018
7:12 am
prince rama trust trust now
7:25 am
makthaverskan witness ill run for cover 2017
7:25 am
bestial mouths faceless heartless cleopatra 2016
7:48 am
chelsea wolfe dragged out abyss 2015
7:48 am
nightwish bye bye beautiful / amaranth / master passion greed dark passion play 2007
7:50 am
alunah petrichor solennial svart 2018
7:54 am
duchess says I'm an idea sciences nouvelles slovenly 2016
8:02 am
loma joy loma sub-pop 2018
8:10 am
slayer war ensemble seasons in the abyss American 1990
8:11 am
the thermals born to kill desperate ground
8:13 am
love is all less than thrilled two thousand and ten injuries polyvinyl 2010
8:15 am
forest bees hollow bones forest bees shine on 2018
8:19 am
locate s,1 manrico's abyss healing contest nicey 2018
8:26 am
natalie lucassian (local) restless 12:26 tinderbox 2018
8:27 am
the pretenders I go to sleep pretenders II sire 1981
8:34 am
nightwish eva dark passion play 2007
8:44 am
shilpa ray morning terrors nights of dread door girl northern spy 2017
8:44 am
shilpa ray shilpa ray's got a heart full of dirt door girl northern spy 2017
8:45 am
shilpa ray my world shatters by the bqe door girl northern spy 2017
8:50 am
shilpa ray heaven in stereo last nite in paradise goner 2017
8:53 am
aquarian blood funeral moon last nite in paradise goner 2017
8:56 am
tender forever in the backyard wider k records 2008