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Playlist: Freeform w/ Michelle Ryan Hughes

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:05 am
bene gesserit mickey, please ... minimal wave tapes
6:05 am
nite haus gloss on the beat saturation self-released 2018
6:09 am
farah law of life after dark italians do it better 2018
6:18 am
chromatics nite nite 2006
6:26 am
anne clark sleeper in metropolis terra incognita
6:26 am
space lady synthesize me the space lady's greatest hits night school 2014
6:32 am
casket girls same side true love kills the fairy tale graveface 2014
6:42 am
anna oxygen painted yellow crown all your faded things cold crush 2003
6:49 am
casket girls walking on a wire sleepwalking 2012
6:49 am
book of love with a little love alice everyday
7:03 am
devo don't shoot (I'm a man) something for everybody 2010
7:03 am
book of love flower in my hand love bubble 1993
7:04 am
danielle duval lose it lose it peopleplay 2016
7:04 am
piney gir gold rules mr hyde's wild ride greyday records 2016
7:14 am
dqe cigarette song the queen of mean
7:14 am
glass candy miss broadway after dark Italians Do It Better 2018
7:15 am
music go music light of love expressions 2009
7:20 am
anna domino zanna grlz 1988
7:25 am
lindy vision stop moving luck + life self-released 2015
7:29 am
the organ no one has ever looked so dead sinking hearts global symphonic 2002
7:29 am
love of diagrams the pyramid love of diagrams ep matador 2007
7:44 am
diamanda galas this is the law of the plague plague mass mute 1990
7:44 am
diamanda galas I wake up and I see the face of the devil plague mass mute 1990
7:44 am
diamanda galas confessional (give me sodomy or give me death) plague mass mute 1990
7:45 am
diamanda galas how shall our judgment be carried out upon the wicked plague mass mute 1990
7:47 am
john cage, meredith monk, anthony de mare the tale pianos and voices 1992
7:51 am
lindha kallerdahl hawaii gold 2008
7:51 am
amy denio rx for scrambled egg peanut butter sandwiches the big embrace spoot 2017
7:53 am
petra haden I'm tired imaginaryland
7:56 am
syna so pro a plea for forgiveness vox fpe 2016
8:00 am
dom la neña anjo gabriel ela Six Degrees 2013
8:06 am
danielle dax the id parade blast the human flower sire 1990
8:10 am
peach kelli pop don't push me gentle leader mint 2018
8:11 am
alvvays your type antisocialites polyvinyl 2017
8:12 am
la luz my golden one floating features hardly art 2018
8:16 am
fastbacks like today the day that didn't exist spin art 1999
8:20 am
velocity girl marzipan sorry again ep
8:23 am
simian mobile disco w/ deep throat choir we go murmurations wichita 2018
8:38 am
electrelane eight steps axes 2005
8:38 am
electrelane love builds up the power out 2004
8:39 am
shacks sleeping haze big crown 2018
8:43 am
brazillian girls pirates let's make love six degrees 2018
8:44 am
gang gang dance lotus kazuashita 4ad 2018
8:51 am
jackknife stiletto my future ex chronicles of jane vol 1 blackheart 2017
8:59 am
shilpa ray morning terrors nights of dread door girl northern spy 2017