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Playlist: Freeform w/ Alex M

with Guest DJ saladin on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:05 am
45 Grave Black Cross Autopsy 1987
3:08 am
Bad Religion White Trash (2nd Generation) How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 1982
3:13 am
Discharge Drunk With Power Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 1982
3:15 am
Millions of Dead Cops Multi-Death Corporation 7" single 1983
3:16 am
Stormtroopers of Death Chromatic Death S.O.D. 1985
3:16 am
S.B.L.C. No End Falling Apart 1990
3:20 am
U.K. Subs Police State Shake Up the City 1982
3:22 am
Black Flag Police Story Damaged 1981
3:24 am
The Misfits Night of the Living Dead Walk Among Us Ruby Records 1982
3:26 am
Supernova Chewbacca Clerks OST 1993
3:41 am
The Slits Shoplifting Cut 1979
3:43 am
Fishbone Skankin' to the Beat Party at Ground Zero 1985
3:45 am
X-Ray Spex I Am a Cliche Germ Free Adolescents Awesome/Virgin 1981
3:47 am
The Gun Club Like Calling Up Thunder Miami Animal 1982
3:49 am
The Cult Aphrodesiac Jacket Electric 1987
4:03 am
G.G. Allin Sleeping in My Piss Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies 1988
4:05 am
The Exploited Blown to Bits Apocalypse Tour 1981 1987
4:07 am
The Exploited S.P. G. Apocalypse Tour 1981 1987
4:08 am
The Exploited Cop Cars Apocalypse Tour 1981 1987
4:10 am
God Bullies Creepy People Mama Womb Womb 1989
4:16 am
Miguelito Valdes With Machito & His Afro-Cubans ‎(featuring The Kipper Kids) Bim Bam Boom Forbidden Zone OST 1983
4:23 am
Roy Orbison In Dreams Blue Velvet OST 1986
4:24 am
Yima Sumac Gopher Mambo Mambo! 1954
4:38 am
Concrete Blonde Cold Part of Town Concrete Blonde 1986
4:40 am
Gene Loves Jezebel Heartache Discover 1986
4:44 am
Zero LeCrêche Last Year's Wife Last Year's Wife - 12" 1984
4:48 am
Abecedarians Where Whitie Ain't Allowed Resin 1988
4:52 am
Rose of Avalanche Stick in the Works First Avalanche 1985
5:03 am
The Glove Mouth to Mouth Blue Sunshine Rhino 1983
5:10 am
Public Image Ltd. The Order of Death This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get Virgin 1984
5:13 am
Karen Finley Tales of Taboo Tales of Taboo - 12" 1986
5:19 am
The Cassandra Complex ‎ Satan, Bugs Bunny, And Me... (In Search Of) Penny Century 1989
5:40 am
Cocteau Twins Summerhead Four Calendar Cafe Capitol 1993
5:42 am
Lush Monochrome Spooky 1992
5:48 am
Sonic Youth Candle Daydream Nation Deluxe Edition Dgc 1988
5:53 am
The Darling Buds So Close Crawdaddy 1990
6:07 am
(Incidental Music) 245 Trioxin Mix The Return of the Living Dead OST 1985
6:08 am
Tall Boys Take Walk The Return of the Living Dead OST 1985
6:10 am
Wings Hauser Neon Slime Vice Squad OST 1982
6:12 am
Rob Scallon Angel of Death 2014
6:17 am
Leonard Nimoy Everybody's Talkin' The New World of Leonard Nimoy 1970
6:20 am
William Shatner She Blinded Me With Science Seeking Major Tom 2011
6:34 am
Throbbing Gristle Ab/7a D.O.a. the Third and Final Report of... Industrial Records 1978
6:37 am
Legendary Pink Dots Hellsville The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse 1990
6:41 am
The Dream Syndicate Tell Me When It's Over The Days of Wine and Roses Ruby 1982
6:44 am
The Cramps Tear It Up Urgh! A Music War 1982
6:48 am
The Plugz Reel Ten Repo Man OST 1984
6:54 am
707 Megaforce Megaforce OST 1980