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Playlist: Freeform w/ Tom C

with Tom C on Monday, July 2, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 pm
sun ra outerspace employment agency 1973 the spell of jadoo/MOCAD Afro-Futurist box se MOCAD
2:05 pm
black sabbath planet caravan paranoid warner bros. 1970
2:09 pm
killing joke the wait killing joke Eg Records 1980
2:13 pm
the pixies head on trompe le monde 4ad 1991
2:15 pm
lungfish constellations sound in time dischord
2:17 pm
kid congo & the pink monkeybirds la araña la araña es la vida in the red 2016
2:19 pm
lydia lunch retrovirus gospel singer retrovirus ugexplode 2013
2:23 pm
madonna like a prayer the immaculate collection bmg 1990
2:28 pm
quintron frogs the frog tape skin graft 2004
2:36 pm
mule mississippi breaks mule 1/4 stick 1993
2:43 pm
blue man group club nowhere audio blue man group records 1999
2:47 pm
lung leg theme park from maid to minx southern 1999
2:48 pm
she devils hey boy she-devils secretly canadian 2017
2:52 pm
bongwater kisses sweeter than wine the peel session strange fruit 1992
3:00 pm
patty waters hush little baby with ba ha bad s/t esp disk 1966
3:06 pm
body/head abstract coming apart matador 2013
3:18 pm
melvins annum king buzzo boner 1992
3:18 pm
the vandals let the bad times roll live fast, diarrhea. nitro records 1995
3:19 pm
new order the perfect kiss low-life factory 1985
3:27 pm
neu! track 11 neu! 2 astralwerks (reissue) 2001
3:28 pm
yo la tengo sea urchins the sounds of the sounds of science egon 2002
3:38 pm
nicodemus and matchez when will people learn detroit electric detroit electric 1995
3:42 pm
abba sos abba greatest hits atlantic 1976
3:45 pm
a certain ratio back to the start to each... factory 1981
3:53 pm
essential logic aerosal burns fanfare in the garden kill rock stars 2003
3:55 pm
the slits adventures close to home cut antilles 1979
4:21 pm
cluster festival international de la science-fiction, metz 1977 konzerte 1972/1977 bureau b 2017
4:25 pm
iron maiden the ides of march/wrathchild killers capitol 1981
4:36 pm
slade mama weer all crazee now slayed polydor 1972
4:40 pm
budgie melt the ice away ipeckable a&m 1978
4:43 pm
kate bush sat in your lap the dreaming emi 1982
4:46 pm
PIL four enclosed walls the flowers of romance Warner Bros. 1981
4:52 pm
butthole surfers in the cellar rembrandt pussyhorse touch & go 1986
4:55 pm
meat puppets plateau meat puppets ii sst 1984