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Playlist: Freeform w/ Tom C

with Tom C on Monday, August 13, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:03 pm
devo booji boy's funeral hardcore ii ryko (1991) 1977
2:07 pm
carl stalling ghost wanted (1940) the carl stalling project, vol. 2 warner bros. 1995
2:11 pm
a qui avec gabriel with keiji haino takehaya-sayat ("a blue black storm or a poet") utsoho tzadik new japan 2001
2:18 pm
tom waits walking spanish down the hall rain dogs island 1985
2:21 pm
bryan and the haggards (w/eugene chadbourne) mama tried merles just want to have fun nspy 2016
2:25 pm
merle haggard today i started loving you again the best of the best of merle haggard capital 1972
2:27 pm
john cage/joan la barbara a flower singing through new albion 1990
2:31 pm
oren ambarachi/robbie avenaim beriah ("creation") the alter rebbe's nigun tzadik 1999
2:42 pm
godflesh mothra pure earache 1992
2:50 pm
glenn branca drive symphony no. 13 (hallucination city) in 4 movements for 100 guitars atatvistic 2016
3:05 pm
william s. burroughs dr. benway's house dead city radio island 1990
3:08 pm
robert ashley act 1 track 2 celestial excursions lovely music 2005
3:09 pm
lonnie holley sun & water keeping a record of it dust-to-digital 2013
3:14 pm
cut hands erzulie d'en tort black mamba very friendly 2012
3:17 pm
diamanda galas you don't know what love is all the way intravenal sound operations 2017
3:23 pm
MicroCosmos Fudaraku Pilgrimage tzadik new japan 1999
3:29 pm
melt banana surfin' usa at light velocity tzadik 1999
3:32 pm
henry flynt the snake back porch hillbilly music vol.1 Locust music 2002
3:38 pm
horse lords truthers interventions northern spy 2016
3:43 pm
massacre leaf violence funny valentine tzadik 1998
3:48 pm
death ambient synaesthesia synaesthesia tzadik new japan 1999
3:53 pm
ikue mori the gaze of the basilisk labyrinth tzadik 2001
3:58 pm
danny elfman the quadruped patrol serenada schizophrana sony classical 2006
4:05 pm
ennio morricone giorno di notte crime and dissonance ipecac 2005
4:09 pm
ennio morricone trafelato crime and dissonance ipecac 2005
4:12 pm
eyvind kang andegavenses athlantis ipecac
4:17 pm
yagi michiyo ai no corrida shizuku tzadik new japan 1999
4:21 pm
anton bruhn/makigami koichi electric eel electric eel tzadik 1998
4:28 pm
musical aluminum lucky puppet motor humming tzadik new japan 1999
4:31 pm
morton feldman for franz kline only works for voice and instruments new albion 1996
4:43 pm
fat worm of error ambivalence and the beaker ambivalence and the beaker respiscent 2010
4:48 pm
the deep listening band cave water troglodyte's delight what next recordings 1990
4:51 pm
emeralds alive in the sea of information what happened? no fun 2009