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Playlist: Radio Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa

with rotating host Rodney on Monday, July 30, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:02 pm
Brownsville Station (local) city life 45 pallidum
10:03 pm
sunday funnies (local) path to freedom 45 hideout 1967
10:04 pm
pete karnes blooz band cocain habit 7 ep custom 1975
10:12 pm
Larry reichart with free and easy everybodys talkin 45 marla
10:15 pm
jim cooper (local) note of suicide 45 ranger
10:16 pm
curly johnson (local) space ride in the sky 45 pathway
10:18 pm
the walkers and the crossmen (local) the anwser came walking on that glory road pathway 1965
10:25 pm
edward rudd (local) this angel of death hes almost in sight , sung in bluegrass style down home records
10:26 pm
The Walkers and the Crossmen (local) the first million years Walking on That Glory Road Pathway 1965
10:36 pm
john drendall & b.a. thrower (local) papa never let me sing the blues papa never let me sing the blues outsider 1970
10:39 pm
jimmy carter and the dallas county green anyways summer brings the sunshine numero project 12 2016
10:46 pm
john drendall & b.a. thrower (local) i feel papa never let me sing the blues outsider 1970
10:48 pm
ray cooper moonlight serenade everybodys cup of tee dobre
10:55 pm
wynn and john (local) wildflower,flyn on the ground live at the casa nova private 1976
11:07 pm
jem targel (local) full lp Lucky guy sheavy 1978
11:54 pm
various side C teen expo : the cleopatra label (new) Numero Group 2018