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Playlist: Memory Metropolis

with lavici on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Show Notes:

I. Introduction to Memory Metropolis

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
11:09 pm
Clara Mondshine “Memorymetropolis” Memorymetropolis Innovative Communication 1983
11:11 pm
Steve Roach / Kevin Braheny / Richard Burmer “Western Spaces” Western Spaces Innovative Communication ‎ 1988
11:12 pm
Wally Badarou “Keys” Echoes Island Records 1986
11:17 pm
Grackle “Desert Acid (Sombrero Galaxy Version)” Desert Acid EP Supersoul Recordings ‎ 2009
11:22 pm
Michal Turtle “Village Voice” Music From the Living Room Shout 1983
11:29 pm
Nine Circles “Here Come I, Here Is Me” The Early Days Genetic Music 2012
11:29 pm
Gregorian “Sadisfaction” The Mission Metronome 1991
11:33 pm
Greenpiece “B Alone” Northern Herbalism Kiff SM 1996
11:37 pm
Rolando Simmons “Mega Door (Hoonesbosch Mix)” Various III 030303 2016
11:41 pm
Autarkic “Palgey Mayim (Autarkic Edit)” Disco Halal Vol. 1 Disco Halal 2016
11:44 pm
Hampshire and Foat “ Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand” Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand Athens Of The North 2017
11:52 pm
Mike Ratledge “Riddles Of The Sphinx Sequence II” Riddles Of The Sphinx Mordant Music 2013
12:04 am
XYR “Labyrinth of Reflections” Labyrinth NOT NOT FUN RECORDS 2017
12:06 am
Luigi Tozzi “Mesopelagic Zone” Deep Blue: Volume 2 Hypnus Records 2016
12:17 am
Ninos Du Brasil “Animais Soar O Alarme (Patrick Russell Remix)” Animais Soar O Alarme EP Bunker 2017
12:22 am
???? “????” ???? 1991
12:34 am
Richard Sen “Ghost Train” Ghost Train [Emotional] Especial 2013
12:38 am
Acid Arab “Le Gaz Qui Fait Rire (Acid Arab Edit)” Disco Halal Vol 1 Disco Halal 2016
12:41 am
“Love Groove” Love Groove / Groovy Clothes Third Planet 1992
12:50 am
Ryo Kawasaki “Pleasure Garden (Techno Mix)” Pleasure Garden Satellites 1990
12:51 am
Eddie Wolf “My Base” My Base Underwater Records 1994
12:54 am
Sistol “Keno (The Mike Huckaby Synth Remix (Extended Version))” The Synth Remixes Label: Slices Of Life 2011