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Playlist: The Milkman's Matinee

with rotating host Jim on Saturday, September 29, 2018

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:14 am
Gus Massey The Prisoner's SOng Edison Record
12:19 am
Richard A Whiting The Japenese Sandman Victor
12:23 am
The Black Hawks Go Out And Get Under The Moon Broadway
12:25 am
John Schonburg Whispering Victor
12:28 am
Ned Miller Too Busy Broadway
12:32 am
Edythe Baker Dreaming Blues Aeolian
12:34 am
Maria Luisa Mary Lou - Foxtrot Victor
12:38 am
Irving Berlin Syncopated Vamp Victor
12:41 am
Bill Ross - Fred Fisher Petruska Victor
12:43 am
Albert Von Titzler Where The Ganges FLows Victor
12:46 am
Richard A Whiting Ain't We Got Fun Victor
12:50 am
Persy Wenrich Dreams of India Victor
12:55 am
Charles Koeler Leave Me With A Smile Victor
12:59 am
Fenny Brice Becky is Back in the Ballet
1:03 am
Jack McGowen Bird of a Feather Victor
1:09 am
Fanny Brice Sheik of Anenue B Victor
1:10 am
The Korn Kobblers Sombody Stole My Gal HIT
1:12 am
The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane The Rythemairs Top
1:18 am
Korn Coblers Floating Kidney Hit
1:26 am
Billy Murry Thats Why I Never Married Victor
1:29 am
Wendal Hall Red Headed Music Maker
1:34 am
Unknown The Piano Tuner
1:35 am
Wendal Hall It Aint gonna rain no more Victor
1:40 am
Bill Murray Promis Me Anything
1:45 am
Club Royal Ocrchastra Dapper Dan
1:49 am
Ted Soyder The Sheik Victor
1:52 am
Johny Hamps Ketucky Serenaders Sunny Side Up
1:55 am
Ted Waite I've never seen a straight bannana Victor
1:58 am
Johny Hemps Kentucky Serenaders If I Had A Talking Picture of you