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Playlist: Freeform w/ Michelle Ryan Hughes

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:06 am
grimes kill v maim art angels 4ad 2015
6:06 am
ladytron the animals ladytron ladytron music 2019
6:11 am
poliça very cruel shulamith 2013
6:15 am
piroshka run for your life brickbat bella union 2019
6:18 am
french vanilla honesty french vanilla danger collective 2017
6:23 am
feels anyways post earth wichita 2019
6:23 am
the coathangers memories the devil you know suicide squeeze 2019
6:25 am
lunachicks spoilt jerk of all trades go kart 1995
6:30 am
scary women I would scary women self-released 2018
6:34 am
courtney barnett nobody really cares if you don't go to the party sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit milk records 2015
6:41 am
love is all bigger bolder two thousand and ten injuries polyvinyl 2010
6:41 am
makthaverskan leda ill run for cover 2017
6:43 am
savages evil adore life matador 2016
6:58 am
liechtenstein all at once survival strategies in a modern world 2009
6:59 am
the raincoats truth is hard looking in the shadows 1996
6:59 am
chai future punk burger 2019
6:59 am
bush tetras cowboys in africa rituals stiff 1981
7:01 am
sumo princess tinsel man when an electric storm ruined vibes 2019
7:09 am
charly bliss black hole guppy barsuk 2017
7:10 am
hercules and love affair iris hercules and love affair 2008
7:15 am
lettercamp fool for long raccoon panda 2011
7:17 am
45 grave evil sleep in safety real gone 1983
7:22 am
neo boys abnormalchick sooner or later 2013
7:22 am
fea stuck like you fea blackheart 2016
7:26 am
downtown boys 100% inheritance tax full communism don giovanni records 2015
7:28 am
au pairs setup playing with a different sex human 1981
7:46 am
linus ?kesson (lft) a mind is born 2017
7:46 am
linus ?kesson (lft) king fisher 0x28 2012
7:46 am
piotr bacziewicz (bzyk) I dreamt 1999
7:47 am
richard bayliss eye of power 2003
7:47 am
william fay (highway guy) tomb raider (gbc) title theme 2016
7:47 am
karate break freedom frenzy karate break self-released 2018
7:47 am
priests nicki nothing feels natural sister polygon 2017
7:51 am
screaming females boyfriend what if someone is watching their tv? don giovanni 2007
8:21 am
love of diagrams the pyramid love of diagrams 2007
8:22 am
kiss me deadly dance 2 misty medley alien8 2006
8:22 am
bets da da da future color self-released 2018
8:22 am
sneaks xty gymnastics merge 2016
8:22 am
white ravens call it a hit gargoyles and weather vanes self-released 2010
8:23 am
cub runaway mauler: a collection of oddities 1997
8:23 am
partner stoned thought saturday the 14th father/daughter 2019
8:24 am
petty booka the tide is high let's talk dirty in hawaiian sister benten 2003
8:24 am
fuzzy glad again electric juices
8:25 am
the chiffons just for tonight the best of the chiffons laurie 1988
8:29 am
karen daton in a station in my own time 1971
8:34 am
tara toms death is always around the corner catamnt coyote january 2015 2015
8:41 am
my brightest diamond workhorse bring me the workhorse asthmatic kitty 2006
8:49 am
the innocence mission follow me birds of my neighborhood 1999
8:49 am
stella donnelly face it beware of dogs secretly canadian 2019
8:51 am
frankie rose requiem herein wild 2013
8:53 am
chumbawamba the devil's interval abcdefg 2010
8:58 am
adia victoria clean silences atlantic 2019
8:59 am
trio mandili rachuli with love el italia 2015