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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Trans Radio

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Show Notes:

Re features transgender, intersex, & gender-nonconforming artists 7-8am

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:03 am
xeno and oaklander saracen sentinelle
6:08 am
zombie jesus and the chocolate sunshine band heaven is a box the woolgathering
6:17 am
kronos quartet pannonia boundless caravan
6:18 am
tibor szemo blow #2
6:19 am
jeff carey lock
6:20 am
deep listening band invocation sanctuary
6:20 am
perry botkin women who won't give you the time of day five electronic essays
6:21 am
pete seeger I had a rooster birds, beasts, and fishes
6:21 am
jeff carey ballast
6:21 am
yesethan ley line portals
6:22 am
warkop bola
6:22 am
andromeda love story by the peace visionary the magic begins solstice 2015
6:26 am
prince rama om mane padme hum shadow temple
6:31 am
the almanac singers the strange death of john doe songs for political action
6:31 am
jeff carey node
6:31 am
kurdistan planetarium mechanism of the season
6:32 am
warkop bola
6:34 am
dockstader song aerial
6:38 am
death praxis hearse tenko ikue mori
6:38 am
drevo drevo unblocked
6:38 am
jeff carey sink
6:39 am
cauldron chat series summer solstice witches bottle
6:42 am
aislinn sidhe winter solstice faery altar
6:44 am
pete seeger c for conscription
6:46 am
family of god why gogo up there
6:46 am
doctor bob dark times dark times
6:55 am
aislinn sidhe why I'm not making videos anymore (update)
6:56 am
family of god babble
6:56 am
doctor bob they're coming
6:57 am
dorsetghost mysteries 5 most amazing angels caught on tape
6:57 am
doctor bob oper-ation
6:57 am
jeff carey phosphor
7:02 am
Virgin Prunes Pagan Lovesong
7:15 am
Alexander James Adams Winter Tide
7:15 am
The Soft Pink Truth Grim and Frostbitten Gay Bar Why Do the Heathen Rage? 2014
7:16 am
PME & Vaginal Davis Cherries in the Snow
7:19 am
Meryn Cadell The Sweater Angel Food for Thought
7:23 am
Norah Noizzze Winterdepression
7:27 am
A Stick and a Stone Vaccine Night Vision
7:35 am
Diamond Stylz Get Out This Cold 2011
7:40 am
The Shondes Nights Like These The Garden
7:45 am
Walki's Monster I See a Darkness
7:53 am
Tunde Olaniran Brighter Days Transgressor
7:59 am
Little Axe and the Golden Echoes You Are My Sunshine
8:04 am
kid sister beeper dream date
8:13 am
rhiannon giddens o love is teasin' tomorrow is my turn
8:14 am
vita noctis hade
8:17 am
lucia pamela moontown into outer space with lucia pamela
8:18 am
aspera the ground and sky look dry birds fly
8:19 am
the blow she buried herself in the air bonus album
8:20 am
electrocute shag ball troublesome bubblegum
8:28 am
surfer blood into catacombs 1000 palms
8:28 am
? and the mysterians hangin' on a string more action
8:29 am
the dodos undeclared visiter
8:35 am
you say party we say die dark days xxxx
8:41 am
blanket music just us cultural norms
8:53 am
maximum joy stretch grlz
8:53 am
super 700 life with grace under the no sky
8:58 am
shonen knife a world atlas genki shock
8:59 am
the no-nos the damage done tinnitus