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Playlist: The Answer Is In The Beat

with Paul on Saturday, April 13, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Étant Donnés Transports La Vue Klanggalerie 1979
2:08 am
Dave Saved Empty Blooms Still Withering All You Can Hold In The Falling (new) Hypermedium 2019
2:19 am
Angus MacLise Tunnel Music III The Cloud Doctrine Sub Rosa 1965
2:22 am
Ragnar Grippe Part III Symphonic Songs Dais 1980
2:41 am
Asuna & Jan Jelinek Pulsating Primary Structure Signals Bulletin (new) Faitiche 2019
2:52 am
JAB Chanterai por mon coraige Erg Herbe (new) Shelter Press 2019
2:59 am
Twin Talk Weaver Weaver (new) 37d03d 2019
3:05 am
Cornelius Lazy Fantasma (reissue) Lefse 1997
3:10 am
Rejoicer Shibuya Zen Heavy Smoke (new) Stones Throw 2019
3:13 am
Sheefy McFly (local) Laser Jit Jittin' Aint Dead (new) Databass 2019
3:17 am
Sonic Empty Bar 110174 (new) Western Lore 2019
3:23 am
Bogdan Raczynski 309 14ae2 Rave 'Till You Cry (new) Disciples 2019
3:26 am
Watabou (local) Phantasmagoraphobe Coaxial Chaos (new) Realicide Records 2019
3:30 am
Duke Duke Bit Puyo Uingizaji Hewa (new) Nyege Nyege Tapes 2019
3:37 am
Forrest Fang Her Fading Image The Fata Morgana Dream (new) Projekt 2019
3:42 am
Girl Unit Pure Gold Song Feel (new) Night Slugs 2019
3:45 am
Jayda G ft. Alexa Dash Sunshine in the Valley Significant Changes (new) Ninja Tune 2019
3:50 am
Tatira Hell in a Cell Ghosts of Fall River (new) Inam Records 2019
3:55 am
Catnip The Yin & Yang Cat Deep Tics Deep Tics 2003
4:02 am
JT Whitfield Bleak Speak Eminent Domain (new) L.I.E.S. 2019
4:07 am
cEvin Key ChromaDOG Brap and Forth Vol. 8 Artoffact 1984
4:09 am
Richard Devine Astra Sort\Lave (new) Timesig 2018
4:13 am
Slicker VAHZ_mon Confidence.In.Duber Hefty 1998
4:19 am
Orson Hentschel Cyber Circus Electric Stutter Denovali 2017
4:23 am
Turning Jewels into Water Cave Rain Drumming In My Ear Map of Absences (new) FPE 2019
4:27 am
Eki Shola Looped Possible (new) self-released 2019
4:31 am
Chronotope Project Opening the Hand of Thought Lotus Rising (new) Spotted Peccary 2018
4:39 am
Wild Belle If I Should Lose My Mind Everybody One of a Kind (new) Love Tone 2019
4:43 am
Budos Band Peak of Eternal Night V (new) Daptone 2019
4:46 am
Shlohmo Panic Attack The End (new) Friends of Friends 2019
4:51 am
Quelle Chris PSA Drugfest 2003/Sleeveless Minks Guns (new) Mello Music Group 2019
4:56 am
Hermetic Order ft. GZA and Killah Priest 3rd Day Siren Song (new) Lion's Den 2019
5:01 am
Asnakech Worku Tche Belew Asnakech Awesome Tapes from Africa 1975
5:05 am
Jonathan Richman A Penchant for the Stagnant SA (new) Blue Arrow 2018
5:08 am
Joep Beving Ab Ovo (CFCF Remix) Conatus (new) Deutsche Grammophon 2018
5:14 am
Common Eider, King Eider Sinew Stretched Over Crumbling Bones A Wound of Body (new) Cyclic Law 2018
5:21 am
Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen Tidal Disruption Toward the Horizon (new) Spotted Peccary 2019
5:34 am
Janek Schaefer What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing (for Robert Wyatt) What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing (new) Temporary Residence Ltd. 2019
5:57 am
Axel Rigaud Unexpected Victory Transformation (new) n5MD 2018