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Playlist: Evanescent Encounter

with Guest DJ The Original Zoltan on Monday, May 6, 2019

Show Notes:

'Picking all of WCBN's CDs and Records that start with the word "Space"... Starting with a Famous Hungarian Space Opera recorded under the Communist Regime... Why?!? Because it's summer vacation time!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
4:04 pm
Piramis Gyere Kozelebb Piramis 2 Pepita 1978
4:11 pm
Space Ballerinas Strawberry Child If Goth Was Pink Yoyo Records 2001
4:12 pm
Spacehead Eat The Machine Spaceheads Dark Beloved Cloud 1995
4:13 pm
Space Dimension Sectors: One, Two, Three, and Four. Volume Four Alien Reign 1994
4:21 pm
Space Face Cowboy Lightening Sun Kids Friends Records 2017
4:25 pm
Space Hog Almond Kisses The Chinese Album Sire Records 1998
4:28 pm
The Space Lady & Burnt Ones Across The Universe The Space Lady & Burnt Ones Castle Face Records 2015
4:39 pm
Spacemen 3 Starship Live at the New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989 Space Age Recordings 2016
4:42 pm
Space Merchants TranscendentalSuperConsciousState Kiss the Dirt Aqualamb 2016
4:44 pm
Space Negros 99th Floor/Flashback The Space Negros Do Generic Ethnic Muzak Versions of All Your Favorite Punk/Psychedelic Songs from the Sixties Arf! Arf! Records 1897
4:48 pm
Space Needle Eyes To The World Voyager Zero Hour 1995
4:53 pm
Space Streakings F.O.J.K. 7-Toku Skin Graft Records 1994
4:59 pm
Space Merchants Not Tonight Kiss the Dirt Aqualamb 2016