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Playlist: All and Everything

with The Enneagram on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:01 am
Tenko and Ikue Mori Glow Worm Death Praxis Nonsequitur/?What Next? 1993
12:07 am
Flaming Fire Fire of Love Songs from the Shining Temple Perhaps Transparent Recordings 2003
12:09 am
Arca Umbilical Mutant Mute 2015
12:11 am
Air Cemetery Party The Virgin Suicides Astralwerks 2000
12:15 am
The Blasting Company Patient is the Night Over The Garden Wall Mondo 2016
12:20 am
The Blasting Company Adelaide Parade Over the Garden Wall Mondo 2016
12:21 am
The Blasting Company Money for School Over the Garden Wall Mondo 2016
12:22 am
Robert Constable Clot Spank me! It's Contemporary Classical Bonk 1999
12:33 am
Xiao Dong Wei Sunshine of Taxkorgan Erhu Solo China Record Shenzhen 2003
12:40 am
Grey Witch (Formerly The Jesus Boy) The Devil The Jesus Boy - 2013 Demo Self Release 2013
12:42 am
At The Drive In One Armed Scissor Relationship of Command Grand Royal 2000
12:46 am
Silica Gel Scratch and Scream 50) Noisy Children Party Wifflefist Productions 1993
12:53 am
12:58 am
Youth (Slow Concept by Phil Barber The Art of Slow Love The Art of Noise: The Fon Mixes F.O.N Studio 1991
1:03 am
Klaus Schulze Ludwig van Beethoven: Violinknozert/Violin Concerto, 1. Movement Klause Schulze goes Classic XYZ 1994
1:22 am
Masahiko Satoh Belladonna of Sadness (Theme) Belladonna of Sadness (Soundtrack) ? 1973
1:25 am
Asobi Seksu It's Too Late Asobi Seksu Friendly Fire Records 2004
1:32 am
Violence and the Sacred Get the Picture Teddy Bear Stinks Real Bad Now Kapital Records 2011
1:51 am
The Blasting Company Prelude Over the Garden Wall Mondo 2016
1:52 am
The Blasting Company Into the Unknown Over the Garden Wall Mondo 2016
1:52 am
The Blasting Company You have beautiful eyes Over the Garden Wall Mondo 2016
1:53 am
The Blasting Company Potsfield C.M Over the Garden Wall Mondo 2016
1:53 am
Action Tiger (local) Also Sprach Tatigkeit Tiger Action Tiger Eats Tokyo! 2000