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Playlist: Break Y|our Radio

with WCBN No-bot on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:10 pm
the honeydippers Guns Of Brixton [clash cover]
10:12 pm
Die Ärzte Rockabilly Peace
10:16 pm
blurt bullets for you bullets for you [re-release 2018] klang galerie 1984
10:18 pm
n.y. rock in the [instrumental]
10:20 pm
the ventures peter gunn
10:22 pm
violent femmes god bless america
10:23 pm
violent femmes god bless america last resort (new)
10:25 pm
[chicks who love guns] [chicks who love guns]
10:29 pm
the cramps bikini girls with machine guns
10:29 pm
marty robbins el paso
10:30 pm
csny ohio
10:33 pm
talking heads psycho killer
10:37 pm
Tennessee Ernie Ford Shotgun Boogie
10:40 pm
joy division love will tear us apart [instrumental]
10:42 pm
xrayspex identity [instrumental]
10:45 pm
sun 41 still waiting [instrumental]
10:49 pm
bill hicks [STANDUP]
10:50 pm
bigshaq quickmathsremix
10:51 pm
when you subtract with a pirate when you subtract with a pirate
10:51 pm
schoolhouse rock multiplication
10:52 pm
counting by nines counting by nines
10:54 pm
asap rocky multiply
10:55 pm
the addends and the sum the addends and the sum
10:55 pm
the doubles the doubles
10:55 pm
subtract falling
10:57 pm
playing with guns brain eating specimen
10:58 pm
宇宙コンビニ8filmstobira [radio edit]
11:00 pm
the headless horsemen holiday in cambodia [cover]
11:02 pm
Violent Femmes "Add It Up" (Electric Lady Sessions)
11:07 pm
ac/dc big gun (instrumentalkaraoke]
11:10 pm
Camper Van Beethoven Take the Skinheads Bowling
11:11 pm
beatles [h.i.a.w.g. overdub track]
11:12 pm
[it scene] + [blowling for columbine clip] [it scene] + [blowling for columbine clip]
11:14 pm
pennywise same old story
11:14 pm
the kooks eddies gun
11:14 pm
penywise violence never ending
11:16 pm
yukon blonde guns
11:18 pm
harry and the potters song for the death eaters
11:24 pm
lady gaga till it happens to you
11:28 pm
not agin a song dedicated to the victems of gun violence
11:29 pm
sonic youth pattern recognition nurse
11:30 pm
sonic youth against fascism
11:31 pm
sonic youth making the nature scene
11:33 pm
stravinsky / columbia symphony orchestra fireworks stravinsky conducts stravinsky
11:43 pm
raymond scott [multiple tracks] soothing songs for baby [vols. 1, 2, & 3]
11:47 pm
shootemupclip gunsafetyforbaby
11:47 pm
aersop rock babies with guns
11:49 pm
Goldie Lookin Chain Guns Don't Kill People (rappers do)
11:50 pm
guns blazing drums of death pt 1 dj shadow
11:52 pm
the guess who guns, guns, guns
11:53 pm
jim jefferies gun control bit
11:54 pm
bill burr bit
11:54 pm
f.o.t.c. love is a weapon of choice
11:55 pm
remix queen another one bites the dust
11:57 pm
subway guns dont kil people
11:57 pm
kyle kinane if you carry a gun, you need an outfit to match bit
11:58 pm
Grieg In the Hall of the Mountain King
11:59 pm
Maya Angelou "A Brave and Startling Truth"