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Playlist: Break Y|our Radio

with WCBN No-bot on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:01 pm
The Stray Cats Mean Pickin' Mama 40 Surfdog Records 2019
10:07 pm
DJ Del Rocks! Go Kat, GO! AZTEC WEREWOLF Motorbilly Records 2019
10:12 pm
The Royal Rebels Drive-In
10:14 pm
Clyde Easley Drive In Baby
10:19 pm
Gary Shelton aka Troy Shondell Kissin' At The Drive In
10:22 pm
Cookie Roberts Draggin' The Drive-Inn's (double fast)
10:22 pm
nrbq Rain at the drive/in
10:26 pm
Eddie Cochran Drive-in show
10:28 pm
Neo Instruments DRIVE IN review
10:29 pm
yt_MrAudioSoundImages drive in theaters
10:31 pm
yt_ The Carpetbagger Abandoned Drive In Theatre
10:33 pm
c&c Pedro and Man at the Drive-Inn
10:46 pm
yt_ PCGamingGoodies clips @ Starlight Drive-in
10:48 pm
yt_ Andrew Fox What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
10:56 pm
Drive-In Romeos folsom
10:57 pm
Drive in | 1975 The future of motoring | Studio debate | Motor cars
10:58 pm
Jeremy Sande grease stage production 2008, scene from
10:59 pm
[via yt_ Douwe van der Laan] Veronica's drive in show
11:01 pm
[yt_R Schloss] Porky's Drive-In Chain Lost TCs
11:01 pm
Toni Lauerer Am Drive-in-Schalter
11:02 pm
[yt_ supertasterdaily] The Cult Appeal of Sonic Drive-In Ice
11:03 pm
[yt_ Urbex Obscura] Death To The Drive In: Exploring The Ruins of Americana Cinema Pastime
11:03 pm
[yt_ thatoneguy] Metal Detecting at an abandoned Drive-in Movie Theater.
11:04 pm
[yt_newsdoctor1] MODEL DRIVE IN THEATRE
11:06 pm
Giant Sand Sonic Drive In
11:07 pm
Morrissey Drive-In Saturday [Live - David Bowie Cover]
11:11 pm
Beach Boys drive-in
11:12 pm
Bethesda Softworks Fallout 4 - Official Trailer
11:13 pm
[yt_ Razorwire's Workshop] How To Use Videos of the Wasteland v2.0 for Fallout 4
11:17 pm
c.g. at the drive in
11:20 pm
movie trailers and blah blahblahb blahbla
11:20 pm
[yt_ pAnty mYthon] Mini Art Theater - Adult Drive In Circular Autoscope Theater
11:23 pm
a&w advert a&w advert
11:25 pm
11:26 pm
[yt_ CRI WPU] This Week in History: First Drive-in Movie Theater Opened
11:27 pm
RAINER BLOSS & KLAUS SCHULZE Drive inn (fast) Drive inn (fast)
11:28 pm
Stellar Corpses Dead Stars Drive-In
11:31 pm
rancid born frustrated
11:33 pm
[yt_Laura Wilson] Black Flag Guard Stuck Behind a Table
11:34 pm
mars volta / black flag cover no values rise above [tribute]
11:36 pm
henry rollins + tv party rise above [tribute]
11:38 pm
beatles I'm So Tired Instrumental Isolated track (Organ, Guitar and Snare)
11:40 pm
ramones the job that ate my brain mondo bizarro
11:42 pm
Henry Rollins 'The One Deision that Changed My Life Forever'
11:43 pm
raised on tv shower, work, repeat season 1
11:46 pm
cj ramone you own me last chance to dance
11:48 pm
dillinger escape plan / cover black flag damaged I & II black on black [tribute to black flag]
11:50 pm
black flag nervous breakdown
11:53 pm
black fag rise above
11:56 pm
naughty boy la la la. ft smith
11:59 pm
atc around the world (dj 64 instrumtal)