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Playlist: The Answer Is In The Beat

with Paul on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Ben Hall & Don Dietrich side B Tiger Swallow Tail (new) Radical Documents 2019
2:16 am
CFCF Translucently Happy Liquid Colours (new) BGM 2019
2:20 am
CFCF Healing Kurage Liquid Colours (new) BGM 2019
2:22 am
CFCF Oxygen Lounge Liquid Colours (new) BGM 2019
2:25 am
CFCF Anodyne Industries Liquid Colours (new) BGM 2019
2:29 am
Control Panel (local) side A Technological LP Senseless Empire 1995
2:37 am
Underground Resistance (local) side A Codebreaker Underground Resistance 1997
2:43 am
DJ NJ Drone 1000mg The Cold Habit (new) Mind Club 2019
2:46 am
Baby Blue Visage of Truth Death of Euphoria (new) Ascetic House 2019
2:49 am
Odete First, It Takes Your Words Amarração (new) Troublemaker Records 2019
2:51 am
Net Gala Kiki re:FLEX*ion (new) NBDKNW 2019
2:54 am
N1L Neural Uberization (Via App’s Roadkill) Neural Uberization (new) Bandcamp 2019
3:01 am
Kush Jones feat. DJ Swisha and DIYR Sin City Strictly 4 My CDJZ 4 (new) Bandcamp 2019
3:05 am
DJ Spooky Vs Scanner Uncanny The Quick and the Dead Sulphur 1999
3:10 am
Karl Marx Stadt Ode to the Fate of Mankind 1997-2004 Lux Nigra 2004
3:16 am
Brothomstates Te Noch RP Claro Warp 2001
3:22 am
Blamstrain Alive In Arms (Proem Remix) Remixed Merck 2005
3:27 am
Funkstörung Economy Post.Art Chocolate Industries 1999
3:35 am
Alder and Elius Baretta Paental Guidance Skam 2000
3:41 am
Ricardo Villalobos Fizheuer Zieheuer Fizheuer Zieheuer Playhouse 2006
3:45 am
Tæt Music Vane Icer (new) TruthTable 2019
3:51 am
Pas Musique A Finnish Bedtime Story The Phoenix (new) Alrealon Musique 2019
3:56 am
Franck Vigroux Sabotage Barricades Eroto Tox Decodings 2017
4:00 am
Zonal Cage Version single (new) Relapse 2019
4:05 am
CVN Snippets of Heaven I.C. (new) Orange Milk 2019
4:10 am
Rafael Anton Irisarri Visible Through the Shroud Solastalgia (new) Room40 2019
4:17 am
Nickolas Mohanna Spectra Smoke (new) Aagoo/REV. Lab 2019
4:21 am
Guilio Aldinucci Aphasic Semiotics (Wire Tapper Edit) The Wire Tapper 50 The Wire 2018
4:25 am
Angelina Yershova Tumbleweed The Wire Tapper 50 (new) The Wire 2019
4:30 am
Tomasz Bednarczyk Six Sounds Illustrations For Those Who (new) Room40 2018
4:36 am
Seekersinternational side B Guncontrolla (new) ICS Library Records 2019
4:51 am
Carl Stone Han Yan The Wire Tapper 50 (new) The Wire 2019
4:54 am
Umberto Reflection Helpless Spectator (new) Thrill Jockey 2019
4:59 am
Kevin Lazar First Mutation Third Noise Principle Cherry Red 1981
5:06 am
NON Mode of Infection Third Noise Principle Cherry Red 1979
5:08 am
Smegma Dancing Hairpiece Wears Two Left Shoes Third Noise Principle Cherry Red 1985
5:11 am
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Paralyzed Launch Pad Favorites Munster Records 1968
5:14 am
Sequencer People Police Story Third Noise Principle Cherry Red 1982
5:16 am
Mental Anguish Sad Horror Film Third Noise Principle Cherry Red 1984
5:20 am
Algebra Suicide Horizon The Wire Tapper 50 The Wire 1986
5:23 am
Earth to Mickey Brace & Bit Brace & Bit (new) L.A. Club Resource 2019
5:30 am
Dean Hurley Birth Anthology Resource Vol. II: Philosophy of Beyond (new) Sacred Bones 2019
5:38 am
Tycho Weather Weather (new) Mom + Pop 2019
5:42 am
Aarktica Nostalgia = Distortion ...Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life And Be Happy Anyway Darla 2002
5:48 am
Volt 86 Friends Volt EP Polly Maggoo Records 2002
5:51 am
Throwaway (local) I Work! What? (new) self-released 2019
5:53 am
Grave Nature Barco Ascending (new) Flag Day 2019