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Playlist: WCBN Overnight Service

with WCBN No-bot on Monday, July 15, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:06 am
[casually explained] [life as a video game]
2:10 am
8 Bit Universe Electric Avenue [8 Bit Cover Tribute to Eddy Grant]
2:13 am
null sleep after dark
2:17 am
[yt_the chongo show] [enough!]
2:18 am
[california dreams] [street rod game]
2:19 am
megaman 2 intro themes
2:20 am
megaman 2 bubble man stage
2:23 am
megaman 2 air man stage
2:28 am
the simpsons [donkeykonghomer,fallingasleepdriving]
2:28 am
crazy taxi [soundtrack]
2:29 am
bart vs the space mutants [video game audio]
2:30 am
[yt_ nintendocomplete] sound blaster hour of power 2
2:33 am
[yt_ kacknoobdeluxe] dos games soundtracks
2:35 am
von tesla [disc 1, track 1] ganzfeld (new) boring machines 2019
2:37 am
[yt_ comedy central originals] where is my goat
2:39 am
the yogscast's lewis & simon skate goat (goat simulator part 1)
2:42 am
trash80 icarus
2:46 am
trash80 missing you
2:52 am
kplecraft 8 bit goa #4
2:56 am
kj-52 are you real? (oregon trail remix)
2:59 am
m-.-n [from yt_ chaleurhumaine] live be my gameboy tronight
2:59 am
j. arthur keenes band low tide
3:01 am
ecco the dolphion [soundtrack]
3:03 am
the doors /karaoke ver. who scared you
3:04 am
j. arthur keenes band doors
3:06 am
super paper mario today's story
3:06 am
super paper mario title screen
3:11 am
super paper mario open the next door
3:11 am
super paper mario count bleck's plan
3:11 am
dTHEd [track 6] Hyperbeatz Vol. 1 (new) Boring Machines 2019
3:16 am
dTHEd [track 7] {go figure!} Hyperbeatz Vol. 1 (new) Boring Machines 2019
3:17 am
bye bye birdie theatrical trailer
3:20 am
[VRC6 Cover a song from cowboy bebop i thinks] green bird
3:21 am
nightcore of the used the bird and the worm
3:24 am
j. arthur keenes band cluck
3:27 am
[m bros] [horsefeathersscenes]
3:28 am
merrie melodies freddy the freshman 1932
3:30 am
foghorn's cousin redd [freddie the freshman]
3:35 am
random searching for atlantis
3:39 am
strong bads cool game for attractive people [yt_ sonikdude101] ep. 5 8 bit is enough
3:40 am
[cyndi lauper] 8 bit of the goonies r good enough
3:42 am
chromatics girlsjustwannahavefun cover
3:43 am
[a ver. of flappy bird]
3:45 am
redshift exilefaker
3:49 am
goto80 comsten
3:51 am
snes [yt_ dragonan] balrog theme
3:53 am
[street fighter] blankas themes
3:54 am
dragons lair arcade [playthru]
3:55 am
j. arthur keenes band foe paw
3:57 am
elder scrolls arena [midi soundtrack]
3:59 am
8 bit of corey hart's sung. @ night
4:02 am
chiptune ver. stranger things soundtrack kids
4:04 am
8 bit cinema [yt_ cinefix] [stranger things as a vid. game]
4:06 am
[yt_Bonedo Synthesizers] m. gma. sound demo
4:08 am
[yt_ 8D sound] 8 bit of zz top's cheap sunglasses
4:12 am
micus, stephan all the way [a kalimba solo] white night (new) ECM Records 2019
4:14 am
8 bit tony esposito kalimba de luna
4:18 am
beshken relaxx aisle of palm (new) 29 speedway 2019
4:21 am
bvdub enemies in your eyes explosions in slow motion (new) n5md 2019
4:24 am
[some ver. of lode runner gameplaying audio]
4:27 am
hot chip clear blue skies bath of ecstacy (new) domino recording co. 2019
4:34 am
[ a ren & stimpy game play audio]
4:35 am
chemical brothers the universe sent me no geography (new) astralwerks 2019
4:42 am
[yt_ jarritos] history of jarritos
4:42 am
[yt_ wb kids] looney tunes bugs bunny superman?
4:45 am
[yt david dockery] boomhauer w/ dang ol drums
4:48 am
[yt_ nuthajason] part 1 beginner african drumming
4:49 am
bannanas in pajamas theme
4:49 am
[yt_ david dockery] pepe silva
4:51 am
[yt_ david dockery] ffvii if you open your heart
4:55 am
hella 1-800-ghost-dance hold your horse is 5rc
4:58 am
[yt_ david dockery] family guy w/ drums
5:03 am
from full throttle the game chitlins, whiskey & skirt
5:03 am
from full throttle the game// the gone jackals [game audio // legacy]
5:05 am
damiera slow by still
5:08 am
halflife soundtrack hazardous environments
5:10 am
assassins creed 2 enzios speech
5:11 am
half life soundtrack adrenaline horror
5:14 am
half life soundtrack hard technology rock
5:15 am
half life soundtrack electric guitar ambience
5:17 am
loom soundtrack
5:20 am
[yt_ moviefone] w.i.r. pitch w.i.r.3
5:21 am
bad news bears 2 beanballclip
5:26 am
american football never meant
5:30 am
wild belle (local) we are the future everybody one of a kind (new) love tone 2019
5:34 am
harold budd [archived audio copy of ]
5:36 am
from robin hood animated film [all is well]
5:42 am
sheedy, elliot dust creeps cowboy microwave music (new) fire pines records 2019
5:47 am
sumo princess sumo princess when an alectric storm (new) ruined vibes 2019
5:52 am
clutch elephant riders elephant riders
5:55 am
8 bit of clutch worm drink
5:57 am
sacred paws is this real run around the sun (new) merge records 2019
5:58 am
8 bits of deftones be quiet and drive (far away)