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Playlist: WCBN Overnight Service

with WCBN No-bot on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Show Notes:

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:03 am
neutrino -> ordinary life [side b track 4] quest (mush records)
2:14 am
rush subdivisions [s1 t1] signals mercury
2:19 am
rush -> the analog kid [s1 t2] signals mercury
2:24 am
rush -> chemistry [s1 t3] signals mercury
2:30 am
rush -> digital man signals mercury
2:42 am
rush {~flip} the weapon (part II of "Fear") [s2 t1] signals mercury
2:48 am
rush -> new world man [s2 t2] signals mercury
2:52 am
rush -> losing it [s2 t3] signals mercury
2:57 am
rush -> countdown [s2 t4] signals mercury
3:06 am
cheech & chong cheborneck [s2 t5] los cochinos ode / a&m
3:08 am
pink floyd dogs animals columbia
3:10 am
kansas nobodys home point of no return irshner
3:14 am
the muppet movie: original soundtrack recording i hope that something better [instrumenta] the muppet movie: original soundtrack recording atlantic
3:17 am
elton john "ive seen that movie too" goodbye yellow brick road mca
3:22 am
elton john your song greatest hits mca
3:24 am
rolling stones ruby tuesday hot rocks (2 discs) london
3:27 am
deodato spirit of summer prelude cti
3:31 am
the doors down on the farm [s2 t1] other voices elektra
3:38 am
steppenwolf monster [s2 t1] steppenwolf live abc dunhill
3:47 am
steppenwolf dont step on the grass, sam [s1 t5] [@ faster than 45] the second abc dunhill
3:52 am
steppenwolf faster than the speed of life [s1 t1] the second abc dunhill
3:55 am
aerosmith sick as a dog [s2 t1] rocks columbia
3:57 am
aerosmith sick as a dog [s2 t4] Live! Bootleg columbia
4:01 am
led zep black dog [slowed] [4 symbols] atlantic
4:04 am
whitesnake still of the night whitesnake geffen
4:07 am
zz top dirty dog [s2 t4] eliminator warner bros.
4:11 am
ac/dc dog eat dog let there be rock atco
4:15 am
grand funk railroad -> gimme shelter [s2 t3] survival capitol
4:23 am
yt_ Abby Danger ENCORE RECORDS in Ann Arbor
4:23 am
yt_ EoLoVoX Encore Recordings - Ann Arbor, Michagan
4:25 am
heart the wolf [s1 t5] heart capitol
4:35 am
heart dog & butterfly [s2 t1] dog & butterfly portrait
4:43 am
the doors im horny, im stoned [s2 t2] other voices elektra
4:46 am
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass butterball [s2 t4] Whipped Cream & Other Delights a&m
4:49 am
elton john the bitch is back Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II mca
4:53 am
the Moody Blues Are You Sitting Comfortably?" [s2 t3] On the Threshold of a Dream deram
4:58 am
john denver The Eagle and the Hawk [s2 t1] John Denver's Greatest Hits rca
5:00 am
cat s. changes iv [s1 t4] teaser and the firecat a&m
5:03 am
elton j. honky cat Honky Château uni
5:07 am
cat s. tuesdays dead [played twice] teaser and the firecat a&m
5:16 am
al stewart year of the cat [s2 t4] year of the cat janus
5:23 am
al stewart on the border [s1 t2] year of the cat janus
5:26 am
eagles on the border [s1 t5] on the border asylum
5:28 am
al stewart flying sorcery -> broadway hotel [s2 t2] year of the cat janus
5:32 am
eagles h.c.
5:38 am
b. dylan i pity the poor immigrant [s2 t3] John Wesley Harding columbia
5:47 am
donovan sand and foam [s1 t3] mellow yellow epic
5:50 am
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young carry on Déjà Vu atlantic
5:54 am
r. stones heart of stone -> playin with fire [s1 t3] hot rocks london
5:59 am
the muppet movie: original soundtrack recording i hope that something better [instrumenta] the muppet movie: original soundtrack recording atlantic