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Playlist: Freeform w/ TeacherPatti

with Guest DJ Reverend Andrew on Friday, May 31, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:05 am
Black noise (local) ninety6 illusions (new) vanity press 2018
9:12 am
Tangerine dream tangram set 1 tangram virgin 1980
9:24 am
Synergy Delta four Games Passport 1979
9:31 am
wendy Carlos two-part invention in b-flat major (backwards) Switched-on Bach Cbs 1968
9:36 am
Quadrophonia Schizofrenia - the Worst Day of My Life (Electrik Edit) Schizofrenia - the Worst Day of My Life 12' Ylp Rca 1992
9:43 am
todd Osborn (local) track A2 White Label 12" Portage Garage Sounds 2018
9:47 am
Loop guru Caravan Loop Bites Dog World Domination Records 1997
9:52 am
Loop guru susan 9 (living in a backwards world) Duniya Waveform 1995
9:55 am
Public energy Velocity Slumber / Velocity Probe Records 1994
10:03 am
Black noise (local) Ninety6 Illusions (new) Vanity Press 2018
10:07 am
carl Craig (local) bt Designer Music V.1 Planet E 2000
10:13 am
Crystal method High Roller Vegas Geffen 2007
10:19 am
Dirtbombs (local) Good Life Party Store In the Red 2011
10:24 am
gerardo frisina swing low, sweet cadillac gerardo frisina remix impusive! revolutionary jazz reworked impulse records 2005
10:31 am
Golden arm trio Caravan (Graham Reynolds Remix) Duke! Innova 2011
10:35 am
Expletive (!@#$%) static ep 12" (new) vanity press 2018
10:39 am
Expletive (!@#$%) data sorting Ep 12" (new) Vanity Press 2018
10:46 am
DJ magic dynamic duo bass mix dynamic duo 12" fan club-rm records 1991
10:51 am
DJ 900 foot jesus adventures in failure (dub) killer inside me 12" nettwerk 1991
11:02 am
MC 900 foot jesus Truth Is out of Style Truth Is out of Style 12" Nettwerk 1989
11:09 am
Big ass truck the path the rug terminus records 2001
11:12 am
Big ass truck the wardrobe The Rug Terminus Records 2001
11:16 am
Birdbrain a dream of things i fly persian cardinal
11:21 am
Too many zooz f.t.g.pt1 Subway Gawdz (new) toomanyzooz.com 2016
11:23 am
Too many zooz Kings Avenue (Featuring Members of Galactic) Subway Gawds (new) Toomanyzooz.Com 2016
11:25 am
Nomo (local) Invisible Cities Invisible Cities Ubiquity 2009
11:31 am
Blue man group tv song Audio Blue Man Group Records 1999
11:41 am
Blue man group opening mandelbrot auido blue man group records 1999
11:42 am
Blue man group synesthetic Audio Blue Man Group Records 1999
11:43 am
go home productions cindy birdsong raymond scott rewired basta
11:49 am
the ramirez brothers cactus medditerranean grooves and raw sounds audio montage
11:52 am
dewa budjana saniscara hasta karma moon june 2015