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Playlist: Burnt Offering

with Guest DJ Reverend Andrew on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:01 am
Budos band burnt offering Burnt Offering Daptone 2014
6:06 am
Budos band eastbound The Budos Band Daptone 2005
6:07 am
Dytomite starlite amanfoo dytomite starlite band of ghnan (new) bbe records 2019
6:14 am
mahmoud Ahmed Kulun Mankwalesh Ethiopiques 6 Buda Musique 1973
6:20 am
Group inerane Kuni Majagani Guitars from Agadaz Sublime Frequencies 2008
6:24 am
Africando gombo gomba salsa stern's africa 1996
6:28 am
Kanda bongo man Wallow Zing Zong Hannibal 1991
6:31 am
Orchestre super borgou de parakou guessi-guere-guessi The Bariba Sound 1970-76 Analog Africa 2012
6:38 am
akoya afrobeat u.s.a p.d.p. afrobomb music 2008
6:48 am
Antibalas Who Is This America Dem Speak of Today Who Is This America Dem Speak of Today Ropeadope 2004
7:00 am
La Driver's union por por group por por akwaaba / welcome por por: honk horn music of ghana smithsonian folkways 2007
7:01 am
the billy Tipton meorial saxophone quartet bus horn concerto saxhouse knitting factory 1993
7:13 am
Harumi Talk About It Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:15 am
Harumi first impressions Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:18 am
Harumi don't know what i'm gonna do Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:22 am
harumi hello harumi verve forecast 1968
7:26 am
Harumi suger in your tea Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:31 am
Harumi caravan Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:43 am
Harumi hunters of heaven Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:45 am
Harumi hurry up now Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:49 am
Harumi What a Day for Me Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
7:52 am
Medicine time baby II (by request) come here to drink milk creation records 1993
7:56 am
Harumi Fire by the River Harumi Verve Forecast 1968
8:03 am
blackman arnold group caravan balckman arnold live complex records 2001
8:10 am
the Crown Royals All Night Burner All Night Burner Estrus 1987
8:14 am
Small faces tin soldier There Are but Four Small Faces Immediate 1966
8:18 am
tom Waits Step Right Up Small Change Asylum 1976
8:23 am
screamin' jay Hawkins heatrattack and vine Black Music for White People Bizarre 1991
8:28 am
lars vegas instinct meatland skycap 2002
8:32 am
orchestra baobab de dakar on verra ca! on verra ca! ledoux records
8:40 am
the apples thang fly on it audio montage 2012
8:46 am
furnaceface just buy it just buy it one handed records 1991
8:51 am
the electric six (local) pulling the plug on the party switzerland metropolis 2006
8:55 am
the cowslingers strip bars liquor and fireworks a fistfull of pesetas rock & roll inc.
8:56 am
the whiskey daredevils wichita buzzcut the essential whiskey daredevils knock out records