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Playlist: The Answer Is In The Beat

with Paul on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:00 am
Negativland This Is Not Normal (Normal Version) True False (new) Seeland 2019
2:08 am
Floating Points Environments Crush (new) Ninja Tune 2019
2:13 am
Melange Cloud World Future Sounds of Long Island Vorgon Massive 1999
2:17 am
Loraine James Vowel // Consonant For You & I (new) Hyperdub 2019
2:23 am
Styrofoam We Can Never Go Home We Can Never Go Home Sound in Silence 2018
2:27 am
ISAN Strix Aluco Lamenting Machine (new) Morr Music 2019
2:32 am
Aarktica Voyager Mareación (new) HanaqPacha Music 2019
2:39 am
Zonal S.O.S Wrecked (new) Relapse 2019
2:44 am
Faxada Engager Paraa Darling Recordings 2018
2:47 am
Robot Speaker Broken Television Plastic-TV Channel Placenta Recordings 2015
2:51 am
Audio Sculpture U & Me 12" Hot Lz Records
2:58 am
Matt Yee-King Shrink Panther Trash Industrialsamplecoregouchbeat Mille Plateaux 1997
3:03 am
Lumen Lab Compa The Wire Tapper 42 The Wire Magazine 2016
3:08 am
Kusari Gama Kill Manolo Worship The Future of Noise Placenta Recordings 2016
3:10 am
Mukqs Love Machine Any% (new) Doom Trip 2019
3:14 am
Robert Lippok Practice Applied Autonomy Raster 2018
3:15 am
John Healy Heartbreak Over a Circuit Board Silicon Heartbreak EP Welsh Modular Alliance 2015
3:22 am
Lake Haze Circuits Dream Glitching Dreams (new) E-Beamz 2019
3:27 am
Bernard Grancher Decalque 65 Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume 5 AD AAD AT 2015
3:33 am
Lo Mas Bello 287 gotas de rocio Fuck Corporate Punk Rock Placenta Recordings 2015
3:46 am
Nitts Untitled split w/ Dental Work and Changoz! Placenta Recordings 2016
3:50 am
Spykes & Parashi (local) side B Braille License Plates for Sullen Nights 7" (new) Radical Documents 2019
3:56 am
clipping. featuring Counterfeit Madison & Robyn Hood All In Your Head There Existed An Addiction to Blood (new) Sub Pop 2019
4:00 am
Napalm Death Life? Scum Earache 1987
4:01 am
SPOOKYWAVE 花の専門店 SPOOKY SHOPPE the internet 2015
4:05 am
XV (local) Sore Throat XV (new) Life Like 2019
4:06 am
Kusari Gama Kill Demons Ten Astral Prison Placenta Recordings 2015
4:07 am
Pierce Warnecke HDDXenoglossy (And The Machine Spoke) Sichten 1 Raster 2018
4:12 am
Deathprod Disappearance / Reappearance Occulting Disk (new) Smalltown Supersound 2019
4:20 am
Whettman Chelmets The Devil Double Crossed You Long Read Memories (new) Æscape Sounds 2019
4:25 am
Emptyset Blossom Blossoms (new) Thrill Jockey 2019
4:30 am
Lindstrøm As If No One Is Here On a Clear Day I Can See You Forever (new) Smalltown Supersound 2019
4:39 am
The Fall Look, Know (Peel Session) 1982 box set Cherry Red 1981
4:43 am
Paco Sala 1 The Fog Digitalis Limited 2013
4:45 am
Susumu Yokota The Seven Secret Sayings of God Cloud Hidden (new) Lo 2019
4:48 am
Patrick Cowley Thrill of the Hunt Mechanical Fantasy Box Dark Entries 1974
4:54 am
Fay Victor Talk Talk Pt 2 Barn Songs (new) Northern Spy 2019
4:57 am
jaimie branch simple silver surfer FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise (new) International Anthem 2019
5:02 am
Angel Bat Dawid Impepho The Oracle (new) International Anthem 2019
5:06 am
Matana Roberts Trail of the Smiling Sphinx Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (new) Constellation 2019
5:16 am
Land of Kush Trema Sand Enigma (new) Constellation 2019
5:23 am
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz Social Folk Dance Perpetuum Mobile Soleilmoon Recordings 2007
5:30 am
Wil Bolton Ropes Kochi (new) Audiobulb 2019
5:39 am
Stargazer Lilies Magenta Sunrise Occabot (new) Rad Cult 2019
5:43 am
Kikagaku Moyo Fluffy Kosmisch Masana Temples Guruguru Brain 2018
5:46 am
Lightning Bolt Hüsker Dönt Sonic Citadel (new) Thrill Jockey 2019
5:52 am
Kathleen Supové :q! quit without saving Eye to Ivory (new) Starkland 2019