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Playlist: The Answer Is In The Beat

with Paul on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Show Notes:

6-hour The Answer Is In The Beat!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:04 am
John Healy Dark Clouds (Part 1) Dark Clouds Welsh Modular Alliance 2015
2:09 am
Soft Error Bad Habits Mechanism Village Green 2017
2:14 am
Unwashed King Subliminal The Wire Tapper 42 The Wire Magazine 2016
2:16 am
Xosar Lost in a Dark Wood Psychick Justice Bandcamp 2014
2:22 am
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Dreams Of Yugoslavia Dreams Stadiums & Shrines 2015
2:26 am
Kreidler Flood IV Flood (new) Bureau B 2019
2:30 am
Derek Piotr Mariana (Wash Schwebung Dub By Stephan Mathieu) Underlined Line 2018
2:37 am
Pan•American Muriel Spark A Son (new) Kranky 2019
2:42 am
Pan•American Is a Problem to Occupy Generations White Bird Release Kranky 2009
2:44 am
Nâ Hawa Doumbia Tjefouroule La Grande Cantatrice Malienne - Decouverte 81 A Dakar Awesome Tapes from Africa 1981
2:49 am
Sawako Piano Mist Evidence of Intense Beauty Audiobulb 2016
2:54 am
Benoit Pioulard Home Taping Billowed Edge Disquiet, Vol.1 Unseen Music 2017
2:57 am
Nano Frog You Always Forget Future Sounds of Long Island Vorgon Massive 1999
3:04 am
SineRider Aomori Four Years Away Sound In Silence 2018
3:08 am
Ben Babbitt Waiting and Watching Paris Window: Original Score (new) Not Not Fun 2019
3:14 am
Dudal + Monolyth & Cobalt Laaps Dialog Tapes II Dauw 2018
3:18 am
Emmanuel Witzthum Soul Cathedral Various Artists (Eilean 92) Eilean Rec. 2018
3:24 am
Josh Mason + Machinefabriek Siltbell Dialog Tapes II Eilean Rec. 2018
3:29 am
A Winged Victory for the Sullen The Rhythm of a Dividing Pair The Undivided Five (new) Ninja Tune 2019
3:35 am
Deathprod Occultation 1 Occulting Disk (new) Smalltown Supersound 2019
3:40 am
Solypsis Death Threat Devisor Component 2018
3:46 am
Loraine James ft. Le3 Black London Ting // Dark As Fuck For You and I (new) Hyperdub 2019
3:50 am
DJ Spooky Synaptic Dissonance Asphodelic Asphodel 1998
3:57 am
Danny Brown (local) Combat uknowhatimsayin¿ (new) Warp 2019
4:01 am
Apollo Brown with Elzhi, T. Calmese, Quest Mcody, & Melanie Rutherford (local) Stopwatch Sincerely, Detroit (new) Mello Music Group 2019
4:05 am
L'Orange and Jeremiah Jae with billy woods Clay Pigeons Complicate Your Life with Violence (new) Mello Music Group 2019
4:08 am
clipping. Blood of the Fang There Existed An Addiction To Blood (new) Sub Pop 2019
4:12 am
Zonal with Moor Mother Medulla Wrecked (new) Relapse 2019
4:20 am
Lapalux Amnioverse Amnioverse (new) Brainfeeder 2019
4:24 am
Alexis Gideon Chase Upgrade Soul (new) FPE 2019
4:26 am
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Ruins Stranger Things 3 (new) Lakeshore 2019
4:29 am
Patrick Cowley Lumberjacks In Heat Mechanical Fantasy Box Dark Entries 1976
4:40 am
Pink Sky (local) In Trance Meditations (new) self-released 2019
4:45 am
ISAN Ichthyosaur Lamenting Machine (new) Morr Music 2019
4:50 am
Opiate stp! Sometimes Morr Music 2003
4:53 am
Styrofoam Off Is Not A Speed The Point_Misser Morr Music 2000
4:58 am
Manual Velvet Sunset Until Tomorrow Morr Music 2001
5:01 am
Slicker Swap Track The Latest Hefty 2001
5:07 am
Pluxus Polyfant European Onion Rocketgirl 2002
5:10 am
Anamanaguchi Sunset By Plane [USA] (new) Polyvinyl 2019
5:14 am
The Notwist Pick Up the Phone Neon Golden Domino 2002
5:18 am
Dntel If I Stay a Minute Human Voice Leaving Records 2014
5:22 am
Sudan Archives Honey Athena (new) Stones Throw 2019
5:25 am
S Transporter (local) S Transporter 4 S Transporter EP (new) Portage Garage Sounds 2019
5:32 am
B. Fleischmann It's All So A Choir of Empty Beds Fuzzy Box 2000
5:38 am
The Fall Room to Love 1982 box set Cherry Red 1982
5:43 am
XV (local) Saran Wrap XV (new) Life Like 2019
5:44 am
Spykes & Parashi (local) side A Braille License Plates for Sullen Nights 7" (new) Radical Documents 2019
5:49 am
Lightning Bolt Halloween 3 Sonic Citadel (new) Thrill Jockey 2019
5:55 am
Floating Points Bias Crush (new) Ninja Tune 2019