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Playlist: The Seizure Experiment

with rotating host Brandok on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Show Notes:

Marie in for B! METAL & PROFANITY.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:06 pm
Nicholas Cage Freak Out Montage
10:09 pm
Behemoth Horns ov Raphomet Zos Kia Cultus Olympic 2002
10:14 pm
Blut Aus Nord The Choir of the Dead The Work Which Transforms God
10:19 pm
Bolt Thrower Granite Wall Those Once Loyal Metal Blade
10:23 pm
Ludicra One Thousand Wolves Another Great Love Song A/T 2004
10:28 pm
The Lords I Know What You're Doing Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers Blackmarket
10:34 pm
Liturgy Total War The Ark Work Thrill Jockey 2015
10:39 pm
The Birthday Party Fun House Live 81-82 4ad 1982/1999 2013
10:49 pm
X Ray Spex The Day The World Turned Dayglo Germfree Adolescents
10:51 pm
Alternative Ulster Supernaut (Black Sabbath) (by request) Rebellion! (new) Poe Records 2016
10:54 pm
Candlemass Solitude Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Peaceville
11:04 pm
Operation Ivy Knowledge Energy
11:05 pm
Candlemass Bewitched Nightfall
11:12 pm
Pagan Altar Pagan Altar Judgement of the Dead 1981
11:19 pm
No Means No Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed Destroyed Alternative Tentacles 1988
11:27 pm
To Live and Shave in La The Saddest Song In The World The 300 Dollar Silk Shirt 2001
11:37 pm
Bloodsoaked Existence Denied Sadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memories Comatose Music
11:41 pm
Day Glo Abortions Big Michel Little Man In The Canoe 1995
11:45 pm
Blood Red Throne Unleashing Hell, A Dream Of Death Affiliated With The Suffering
11:55 pm
Putrified Stench from the Crypt The Putrid Remains