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Playlist: The Answer Is In The Beat

with Paul on Saturday, December 7, 2019

Show Notes:

Late start because I was in Detroit seeing Plaid!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:41 am
Burial Ashtray Wasp Tunes 2011-2019 Hyperdub 2012
2:53 am
Werfol Оunglesoderzhashiy Resonance Moscow News 07/19 (new) Resonance Moscow 2019
2:57 am
Thugwidow A Cluster of Repeating Angry Thoughts Hard Rave Aesthetic (new) Western Lore 2019
3:03 am
Venetian Snares Milk Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary) Timesig 1997
3:11 am
BLÆRG Relentless Optimism Stridulation: The Resource Consumption of Nine Billion Humans (new) MOZYK 2019
3:16 am
Moth Cock I'd Wear One By My Side If Beggars Were Horses Wishes Would Ride (new) Hausu Mountain 2019
3:23 am
yuk. tortay & friends Paraiso (new) Leaving Records 2019
3:25 am
Beck Hyperspace Hyperspace (new) Capitol 2019
3:27 am
Benoît Honoré Pioulard and Sean Curtis Patrick Sunek Avocationals Beacon Sound 2019
3:32 am
Thomas Fehlmann Liebesperlen Pop Ambient 2020 (new) Kompakt 2019
3:39 am
Anthony Naples Benefit Fog FM ANS 2019
3:47 am
Karenn Peel Me Easy Grapefruit Regret (new) Voam 2019
3:53 am
object blue Ecstasy of Saint Teresa FIGURE BESIDE ME (new) Shimmering Frequencies 2019
4:00 am
Galaxian Coming Up For Air Coming Up For Air (new) Ilian Tape 2019
4:06 am
Lanark Artefax Corra Linn Corra Linn (new) Numbers 2019
4:10 am
Skee Mask Juug ISS004 (new) Ilian Tape 2019
4:16 am
Shed Menschen und Mauern Oderbruch (new) Ostgut Ton 2019
4:21 am
Stenny Fast Fade Upsurge (new) Ilian Tape 2019
4:26 am
Pelada A Mí Me Juzgan Por Ser Mujer Movimiento Para Cambio (new) PAN 2019
4:31 am
Bart Hawkins Energy Currents 21 Pulse Eclipse (new) Spotted Peccary 2019
4:39 am
Toxe Maybe Tomorrow split EP w/ CRYSTALLMESS (new) PAN 2019
4:44 am
Shanti Celeste Infinitas Tangerine (new) Peach Discs 2019
4:50 am
Blawan Gadget Many Many Pings (new) Ternesc 2019
4:58 am
HAAi Systems up, Windows Down Systems up, Windows Down (new) Mute 2019
5:07 am
Gabber Modus Operandi Padang Galaxxx HOXXXYA (new) SVBKVLT 2019
5:11 am
Slikback & Osheyack ONJA Slip A (new) Hakuna Kulala 2019
5:14 am
Slikback & Hyph11E SHIMIAN Slip B (new) SVBKVLT 2019
5:17 am
33EMYBW feat. Li Jianhong Arthropods Continent Arthropods (new) SVBKVLT 2019
5:25 am
J-Zbel The J-Zbel Anthem Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up BFDM 2019
5:29 am
Paul D. Miller Invisual Ocean (Critical Bandwith Mix) Viral Sonata Asphodel 1997
5:34 am
Judgitzu Kelele 10" (new) Nyege Nyege Tapes 2019
5:40 am
Rui Ho Ardour (Bela Remix) In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日 (new) Objects Limited 2019
5:46 am
TV.OUT XTC 12" L.I.E.S. 2019
5:53 am
Floating Points Last Bloom Crush (new) Ninja Tune 2019