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Playlist: The Answer Is In The Beat

with Paul on Saturday, December 14, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:03 am
Junius Paul Ma and Dad ISM (new) International Anthem 2019
2:08 am
Sofie Birch Loph Island Alchemy (new) Constellation Tatsu 2019
2:12 am
Shasta Cults DA3 Shasta Cults (new) Important Records 2019
2:16 am
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Breeze Self Discovery for Social Survival Mexican Summer 2019
2:18 am
Cold Beat Flat Earth single (new) DFA 2019
2:21 am
Badsista ft. MC Morena Soca Sem Parar mp3 (new) Bandcamp 2019
2:25 am
dgoHn Dolorous Dick'ead dgoHn EP (new) Astrophonica 2019
2:32 am
Janek Schaefer Le Petit Theatre de Mercelis Le Petit Theatre de Mercelis Audiospher 2002
2:38 am
Lee "Scratch" Perry Mind Worker Heavy Rain (new) On-U Sound 2019
2:42 am
Andrés (local) Illuminate Andrés IV (new) Mahogani Music 2019
2:45 am
Tomeka Reid Quartet Niki's Bop Old New (new) Cuneiform 2019
2:50 am
Lifted Total Cure 2 PAN 2019
2:54 am
Hydropark (local) Against All Odds Circuit 2 (new) 25 Diamonds 2019
2:56 am
Opiyo Twongweno Gang Deyo Electro Acholi Kaboom from Northern Uganda (new) Nyege Nyege Tapes 2019
3:01 am
Hyph11e Sinking Cache 01 SVBKVLT 2019
3:05 am
Quirke Sample Devon Steal a Golden Hail (new) Whities 2019
3:10 am
Tribe of Colin Cradle to the Sunset Age of Aquarius (new) Honest Jon's Records 2019
3:12 am
Magic Mountain High Tiny Fluffy Spacepods Move D ‎– Building Bridges Aus Music 2019
3:20 am
Anz No Harm Invitation 2 Dance 2 B Real 2019
3:24 am
WaqWaq Kingdom Itadakimasu Essaka Hoisa (new) Phantom Limb 2019
3:28 am
Leyland Kirby Polaroid SMM: Context Ghostly International 2011
3:31 am
The Modern Institute vs Jay Mitta Rave Remix Final Jay Mitta and Sisso meet the Modern Institute at the Villa feat. Errorsmith (new) Nyege Nyege Tapes 2019
3:33 am
Rosa Anschütz Rigid (Kobosil 44 Rush Mix) 10" (new) R - Label Group 2019
3:40 am
Karenn Newt Kind of Green Voam 2019
3:46 am
El Irreal Veintiuno feat. Siete Catorce Apofenia Poliformo (new) SUBREAL 2019
3:51 am
Saajtak (local) If You Ask (Jonathan Snipes Remix) If You Ask (new) self-released 2019
3:56 am
Lila Tirando a Violeta MALA-ABSSYS-RE-TAKE mp3 (new) Bandcamp 2019
3:59 am
Argiflex Bassboosted Cybergoblin Liquidpunk Asura Revolver 2019
4:04 am
Bamba Pana Kusini (Slikback Remix) mp3 Soundcloud 2019
4:07 am
BFTT Mauldeth Mauldeth All Centre 2019
4:11 am
Loraine James dunno really mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2019
4:15 am
Emily Glass Uvula Illegal Data Compilation #1 (new) Illegal Data 2019
4:19 am
hmurd shepard's delight Boycott Ethical Consumption TT 2019
4:24 am
M.E.S.H. Atemlos split 12" w/ Tzusing PAN 2019
4:29 am
Kali Malone Litanic Cloth Wrung The Sacrificial Code iDEAL 2019
4:35 am
Speaker Music with empathy of desire, longing (new) Planet Mu 2019
4:59 am
Boreal Massif Black Rapids We All Have An Impact (new) Pessimist Productions 2019
5:03 am
Monogamy (local) Deep Goalie split tape w/ SCLT (new) Reserve Matinee 2019
5:07 am
G.S. Schray District Lizards First Appearance Last Resort 2019
5:10 am
Ulla Straus Net Big Room Quiet Time 2019
5:14 am
Suzanne Ciani Flowers Of Evil Flowers Of Evil Finders Keepers 1969
5:29 am
Neuland Nautilus Neuland (new) self-released 2019
5:33 am
Victrola Luca (Instrumental) Tens Across the Board Dark Entries 1983
5:37 am
Gábor Lázár Fractured Ghostly Swim 3 (new) Ghostly International 2019
5:41 am
Czardust phantom of the options The Ra(w) Material (new) Rap Vacation 2019
5:44 am
clipping. Drownt The Deep (new) Sub Pop 2019
5:49 am
Ose Is It Love? With & Without (new) ghunghru 2019
5:58 am
Seahawks & Woo Magic Totem Celestial Railroads (new) Emotional Response 2019