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Playlist: Down Home Show

with rotating host Sean Westergaard on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:04 pm
terry canady and rudy perez one good friend 7" metro country
12:07 pm
j. michael ross one more day 7" starr 1977
12:11 pm
country tim harris have a talk with your conscience 7" chuckie
12:12 pm
glenn miller don't let me fall in love with you 7" fall city
12:14 pm
al chaney if this is love (the whole world is in trouble) 7" chart
12:15 pm
rodger wilhot when i climb back up to living 7" carwin country
12:20 pm
dale houston the greatest hurt 7" country international
12:22 pm
max powell what's this world coming to? 7" starday 1974
12:25 pm
barton and carr whatever happened to me? 7" doubletalk
12:30 pm
mack jackson and ray frushay stand tall john wayne stand tall 7" western circle
12:34 pm
patti ford we're no longer friends 7" nsd
12:37 pm
hank phillips we're breaking up, i'm breaking down 7" checkmate
12:39 pm
don barron bitter sweet love game 7" comstock
12:41 pm
jim mcgowan what am i doing here 7" eagle international
12:43 pm
ronnie collins has anybody seen me lately 7" telemedia
12:46 pm
monty holmes getting over you again 7" wmi
12:48 pm
jan lazore i've come a long way baby 7" soundmate
12:49 pm
alex parenteau darling where are you 7" fairview
12:51 pm
mark bingham/brendan harkin/rick lazar/caroline payton/bill schwarz elect my uncle willie 7" brbq
12:55 pm
lindy leigh sally was a fat boy 7" eagle international
12:59 pm
jack and trink i'm not really drinking, i'm just holding the can 7" nsd
1:01 pm
danny o'keefe i'm sober now 7" signpost
1:04 pm
jack simpson a bottle of cheer 7" empire
1:07 pm
don mcginnis whiskey sours and wildwood flowers 7" beroie
1:10 pm
darvin sturgill don't borrow sugar 7" stop
1:11 pm
donna berry all american sport 7" music town
1:14 pm
kenny antcliff double parked 7" autumn hill
1:14 pm
gary richards ace in the hole 7" hot rize
1:18 pm
liz madison too many playthings 7" mgb
1:20 pm
jim mccrary the kicker 7" nashco
1:22 pm
johnny robbins god made her a woman 7" twila
1:27 pm
bill sterling (and the heartbreakers) i started world war I 7" jed
1:31 pm
chubby wise and his fiddle detour 7" stoneway
1:33 pm
ralph emery what is a truck driver 7" abc paramount
1:37 pm
billy james truck driving can be fun 7" ravada
1:37 pm
johnny dollar no more truck stops 7" chart
1:39 pm
don king diamond red cowboy (truck stop rodeo) 7" con brio
1:41 pm
charlie walker truck drivin' cat (with 9 wives) 7" epic
1:45 pm
durwood haddock truck drivers turn 'em on 7" caprice
1:46 pm
dennis doyle trucker's paradise 7" reynard
1:48 pm
arthur smith truck stop grill 7" mgm
1:51 pm
bobby braddock gear bustin' sort of a feller 7" mgm
1:53 pm
red sovine freightliner fever 7" starday
1:57 pm
lonnie "poet" mcdonald brother trucker 7" howdy
1:57 pm
dave dudley me and ole C.B. 7" united artists
2:01 pm
waterking break break 7" wave
2:02 pm
joe dolce ain't no u.f.o. gonna catch my diesel 7" mca 1973
2:08 pm
brush arbor trucker and the u.f.o. 7" capitol
2:09 pm
claude gray how fast them trucks can go 7" decca
2:11 pm
colleen peterson six days on the road 7" capitol
2:12 pm
kitty wells my big truck drivin' man 7" decca
2:18 pm
dave dudley there ain't no easy runs 7" capitol
2:22 pm
the blackwells the ballad of the young truck driver 7" hickory
2:22 pm
jim and jesse truck drivin' man 7" epic
2:30 pm
don french little blonde girl 7" lancer
2:31 pm
travis mimms little old dime 7" little richie
2:35 pm
jerry mckinnon mr. dunbar 7" royal american
2:37 pm
charlie bee the hand that rocks the cradle 7" tennessee country boy
2:42 pm
ray griff the morning after baby let me down 7" royal american
2:45 pm
kenny arledge troubles 7" the spectrum of sound
2:46 pm
lee silverton what a way to go 7" country beat
2:50 pm
frank james country way 7" craft woodland studio
2:53 pm
tom whittle country boy again 7" relco
2:55 pm
dave ward standing in the shadow of yesterday 7" nova
2:58 pm
wild bill emerson who's gonna tie my shoes 7" ace of hearts