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Playlist: Through the Looking Glass

with Guest DJ DJ JoJo on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:06 am
Danny Elfman Charge of the Batmobile Batman MPS
9:07 am
Daft Punk Disc Wars Tron Legacy
9:11 am
Heart Barracuda Charlie's Angels MPS
9:16 am
Linn Van Heck Intimacy The Terminator MPS
9:18 am
C&C Music Factory Keep it Coming (Dance til you can't dance no more) Buffy the Vampire Slayer MPS
9:24 am
JAy Furguson Pitures of You The Terminator
9:26 am
The Vapors Turning Japanese Charlie's Angels MPS
9:31 am
Walter Murphy A Fifth of Beethoven Saturday Night Fever MPS
9:35 am
Kool & The Gang Jungle Boogie Pulp Fiction MPS
9:37 am
Leo Sayer You Make me Feel Like Dancing Charlie's Angels MPS
9:46 am
Etta James At Last Rain Main MPS
9:47 am
Brad Fiedel Tunnel Chase The Terminator MPS
9:48 am
Daft Punk The Son of Flynn Tron Legacy Soundtrack Walt Disney Records 2010
9:50 am
Danny Elfman Up the Cathedral Batman MPS
9:55 am
Hans Zimmer Leaving Wallbrook/On the Road Rain Main MPS
9:58 am
Randy Newman The Whammer Strikes Out The Natural MPS
10:00 am
John Barry The John Dunbar Theme Dances With Wolves MPS
10:03 am
Randy Newman The Natural The Natural MPS
10:10 am
Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim The Dance at the Gym West Side Story Sony / Columbia 1973
10:11 am
Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim Maria West Side Story Sony / Columbia 1973
10:13 am
Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim Tonight West Side Story Sony / Columbia 1973
10:17 am
Des' Ree Kissing You Romeo & Juliet MPS
10:25 am
Sheryl Crowe No One Said it Would Be Easy Kalifornia MPS
10:29 am
The Velvet Underground Oh! Sweet Nothin High Fidelity MPS
10:38 am
Tangerine Dream Love on a Real Train Risky Business MPS
10:53 am
Belle Stars Iko Iko Rain Main MPS
10:56 am
Maria McKee If Love is a Red Dress Pulp Fiction MPS
10:58 am
Randy Newman A Father Makes a Difference The Natural MPS
10:59 am
Danny Elfman Finale Batman MPS