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Playlist: Grey Matters

a WCBN public affairs show with your host, Dick and Jim on Monday, February 22, 2016

Show Notes:

Grey Matters 2/22/2016 Andrew King engineering
Obama makes history by planning a trip to Cuba
Trump still leads primaries, though not by much.
Republicans trying to avoid “winner take all” primaries
Republican claim that a supreme course justice has never been appointed in the last year of a president’s term is a lie. The claim that Obama shouldn’t appoint a replacement justice in the remaining 11 months of his term is ludicrous.
Jeb is out.
Trump is doing pretty well attacking GW Bush.
Many votes for Trump are likely more about entertainment than picking a chief executive
1/3 to 1/2 of the trade deficit with China can be attributed to Walmart and Amazon.
Pope was in Latin America talking about inequality, commented on Trump’s christian credentials.
Some people still don’t know who Trump is and are probably better off that way.
77% of surveyed Americans knew who Judge Wapner is, 9% know who the chief supreme court justice is.
Scalia did agree that the second amendment is not unlimited.
San Bernadino shooters had no link to ISIS or Syria, were Pakistani and Saudi.