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Playlist: Grey Matters

a WCBN public affairs show with your host, Dick and Jim on Monday, April 11, 2016

Show Notes:

Red Wings make the playoffs!
Panama papers revelations, 11.5 million documents released.
Tony Blair and Iceland’s prime minister both exposed as having secret offshore funds.
Bernie Sanders won big in Wisconsin, Maryland up next.
Stop Trump movement encouraged when Cruz did well in Wisconsin and Colorado, Trump is complaining about the process.
Super delegates are a small percentage of total delegates, they aren’t significant until the convention.
Bernie needs to show that he can win a primary election (not a caucus).
Bill Clinton defends his 1994 crime bill, perhaps mass incarceration isn’t the answer.
Scot Walker’s “Right To Work” law struck down, supreme court next?
Most violent crime in US isn’t solved.
Non-violent drug offenders are on;y 20% of current prison population.
Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs was responsible for large increase in incarceration.