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Playlist: Grey Matters

a WCBN public affairs show with your host, Dick and Jim on Monday, May 2, 2016

Show Notes:

Grey Matters May 02 2016 Andrew King engineering

In desperation Ted Cruz picks Carly Fioirini for running mate.
Donald hasn’t picked a running mate although he did appear with fellow angry man Bobby Knight.
Donald has claimed he opposed the Iraq war but he was recorded supporting it during an interview with Howard Stern.
JF Kennedy announced his candidacy in January of the election year.
Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower didn’t win convention first ballot.
20% of americans surveyed believe that the bill of rights allows you to own a pet.
Texas voter rights bill has been ruled unconstitutional, can’t go to the supreme court until the ninth justice is appointed.
Texas bill seems to have much more effect on poor/minority voters than on theoretical voter fraud.
Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson have endorsed Trump.
Oregon has highest voter turnout because they do voting by mail.
Fish and Wildlife service is budgeting 4 million dollars to clean up after the gun nuts occupation of the wildlife refuge in Burns Oregon.
Said gun nuts were supported by multiple republican politicians.
Donald proposes a 30% tax on Chinese imports, which would be illegal under world trade organization rules.
Dennis Hastert sentenced for sex crimes, later picked as speaker of the house to replace the fallen Newt.
Hastert was instrumental in getting the Iraq war authorization through congress.