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Playlist: Freeform w/ Michelle Ryan Hughes

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:11 am
white ravens saddle up the whales saddle up the whales self-released 2012
6:13 am
anemone laying in the sun baby only you & i luminelle 2018
6:13 am
wye oak if you should see tween merge 2016
6:27 am
soft location the whistling song diamonds and gems muddy mitten 2007
6:27 am
the concretes teen love boyoubetternow
6:27 am
the pandoras dark november hey! it's the pandoras burger 2018
6:32 am
tyranahorse joywolf ghostwolfmotherhawkprairieunicornlioness
6:32 am
sneaks hair slick back it's a myth merge 2017
6:41 am
esg dance to the beat of moody dance to the best of esg
6:41 am
get back guinozzi! l.a. carpet madness 2009
6:43 am
sleep good paper feet skyclimber 2010
6:47 am
lady lamb prayer of love even in the tremor ba da bing 2019
6:50 am
fanclub leaves all the same Self-Released 2019
6:54 am
tiger trap supercrush tiger trap 1993
6:57 am
mood of defiance american love song a reference of female-fronted punk rock
7:02 am
pussy pirates ?
7:02 am
feels unicorn feels castle face 2016
7:06 am
siouxsie and the banshees melt! a kiss in the dreamhouse 1982
7:18 am
kas product so young but so cold so young but so cold underground french music 1977-1983 2004
7:18 am
adult. violent shakes this behavior dais 2018
7:18 am
glass candy sugar & whitebread iko troubleman unlimited 2018
7:27 am
psychic twin the deepest part strange diary polyvinyl 2016
7:33 am
chicks on speed for all the boys in the world chicks on speed will save us all
7:34 am
alice bag modern day virgin sacrifice alice bag don giovanni 2016
7:47 am
stefan hartwig the forge high voltage SID collection 1991
7:47 am
jeroen tel golden axe high voltage SID collection
7:48 am
richard bayliss bah, humbug! high voltage SID collection 2009
7:51 am
x-ray spex I can't do anything germ free adolescents awesome/virgin 1981
7:56 am
blondie walk like me the platinum collection chrysalis 1980
8:06 am
lettercamp (local) weightless raccoon panda self-released 2011
8:07 am
all girl summer fun band broken crown summer of 98 magic marker 2003
8:11 am
those darlins tina said screws get loose
8:11 am
the shangri-las out in the streets very best of shangri-las
8:16 am
hinds warts leave me alone mom + pop 2016
8:16 am
cold beat am I dust into the air crime on the moon 2015
8:20 am
ex hex no reflection it's real merge 2019
8:23 am
globelamp master of lonely the orange glow wichita 2016
8:29 am
sylvan esso sound what now loma vista 2017
8:35 am
stefan hartwig the forge high voltage SID collection 1991
8:36 am
malvina reynolds quiet sings the truth omni 2008
8:44 am
? 11 vaccine.wav ?
8:44 am
vadim mihailov green in your heart green in your heart
8:49 am
magnetic fields the horrible party love at the bottom of the sea 2012
8:55 am
dezurik sisters go to sleep my darling flowers in the wildwood trikont 2003
8:58 am
kocho-bi-sexual abacus pop-machine