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Playlist: WCBN Archives

with Guest DJ Paul on Saturday, February 8, 2020

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Ernest Hood August Haze Neighborhoods Freedom to Spend 1975
2:09 am
Ian William Craig Weight Red Sun Through Smoke (new) Fatcat 2020
2:15 am
Paul Haslinger Ferndell Exit Ghost (new) Artificial Instinct 2020
2:20 am
Jorja Chalmers She Made Him Love Again Human Again (new) Italians Do It Better 2019
2:25 am
Cerrone Experience DNA (new) Because Music 2020
2:31 am
Darshan Ambient Shadow Lines A Day Like Any Other (new) Spotted Peccary 2020
2:37 am
Summer of Haze Jessie at My Grave (Famitsu Flip) mp3 (new) Hyperboloid 2020
2:40 am
Jam City The Final Joust mp3 unreleased 2010
2:45 am
Anthony Linell Core Field Horizon Core Field Horizon (new) Northern Electronics 2019
2:50 am
GRRL The Bird Ape Dub (new) [GANG] 2020
2:53 am
AceMoMa Amen 2 Swing A New Dawn (new) HAUS of ALTR 2020
3:01 am
Seba & Paradox Love or Death 12" (new) Metalheadz 2020
3:07 am
GB The Projector Sassy J: Patchwork (new) Rush Hour 2019
3:12 am
Sasha Smoke Monk (Fabric Mix) Fabric 99 Fabric 2018
3:19 am
Recondite Wire Threat Dwell (new) Ghostly International 2020
3:25 am
juneunit hsn7 juneunit (new) Jacktone 2019
3:32 am
Forest Drive West Parallel Space Parallel Space EP (new) Echocord 2020
3:39 am
Ans M storm seeding Petrichor (new) TT 2020
3:44 am
Deena Abdelwahed Insaniyti Dhakar (new) InFiné 2020
3:48 am
El Mahdy Jr. + Gulls Youm El Khmis Adult Swim Singles (new) Adult Swim 2020
3:51 am
Nochexxx Entercol B-O-M (new) Plastic Horse 2019
3:59 am
Suumhow Muuscl Secuund (new) n5MD 2019
4:05 am
Adonis (prod. by Thelonious Martin) Lord of the West Adult Swim Singles (new) Adult Swim 2020
4:07 am
Carla dal Forno Blue Morning A short illness from which he never recovered (new) Blackest Ever Black 2019
4:09 am
Shmu Wolves of LA Pure Bliss (new) Requiem Pour Un Twister 2020
4:15 am
Dan Deacon Fell Into the Ocean Mystic Familiar (new) Domino 2020
4:19 am
Spray Paint Keep on Googlin' Into the Country (new) 12XU 2019
4:24 am
Rocket 808 Digital Billboards Rocket 808 (new) 12XU 2019
4:29 am
Rudy Adrian Stars Between Boughs Woodlands (new) Spotted Peccary 2019
4:37 am
Telefon Tel Aviv not breathing, Dreams Are Not Enough (new) Ghostly International 2019
4:42 am
Wolff Parkinson White (Feat. Gabriel Kahane) We Are All Dispersed Favours (new) Colonel Beats Records 2020
4:46 am
Vytear Time Holes Kingtrips EP2 (new) Occult Research 2020
4:50 am
Me:mo pro.a An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008 Sub Rosa 2007
4:54 am
Oval Cozzmo Scis (new) Thrill Jockey 2020
5:00 am
Danger Room (local) Lung to the Fuck Rick Owens Prank (Funny!!1) (new) Safa Collective 2019
5:05 am
Sightless Pit Drunk on Marrow Grave of a Dog (new) Thrill Jockey 2020
5:09 am
Wrekmeister Harmonies Coyotes of Central Park We Love to Look at the Carnage (new) Thrill Jockey 2020
5:13 am
Bambara Serafina Stray (new) Wharf Cat 2020
5:17 am
Jeff Parker Max Brown Suite for Max Brown (new) International Anthem/Nonesuch 2020
5:30 am
Wobbly Monitress Monitress (new) Hausu Mountain 2019
5:36 am
Peder Mannerfelt Everywhere, Everywhere Like We Never Existed (new) Voam 2020
5:40 am
Against All Logic Deeeeeeefers 2017-2019 (new) Other People 2020
5:46 am
The Moonset Production Company (local) The Moonset Production Company The Moonset Production Company (new) self-released 2019
5:50 am
Calibro 35 Automata Momentum (new) Record Kicks 2020
5:53 am
Junius Paul You Are Free to Choose Ism (new) International Anthem 2019