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Playlist: WCBN Archives

with Guest DJ Paul on Saturday, March 7, 2020

Show Notes:

Mic break music = Bibio: Phantom Brickworks

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Jan St. Werner with Mark E. Smith Molocular Meditation Molocular Meditation (new) Editions Mego 2020
2:21 am
Sissy Spacek Garbage Matte Blear Gilgongo 2019
2:39 am
Sissy Spacek entire LP Freaked With Jet Gilgongo 2008
2:53 am
John Wiese Scorpion Immobilization Sleeve Seven of Wands Gilgongo 2010
3:06 am
John Collins McCormick How To Consider It Done Ad For Nails (new) Gilgongo 2019
3:27 am
Filthy Grin Saturn in the Mirror Saturn in the Mirror Gilgongo 2018
3:39 am
Leandro Fresco and Rafael Anton Irisarri Elevado Como Barrilete Una Presencia En La Brisa (new) A Strangely Isolated Place 2020
3:44 am
Jordan Reyes Playing at the Pool Fairchild Soundtrack + Border Land (new) Whited Sepulchre 2020
3:48 am
Euglossine Dryocampa Messenger Service Psaronius (new) Orange Milk 2020
3:52 am
Jacoti Sommes Subblue Travel Time (new) Orange Milk 2020
3:56 am
Rejoicer Pre-Memory Circle Spiritual Sleaze (new) Stones Throw 2020
4:01 am
Kleerup TRU 2 (new) U OK? 2020
4:05 am
Davey Harms Position True World War (new) Hausu Mountain 2020
4:10 am
Tobias. 1972 1972 (new) Ostgut Ton 2020
4:19 am
JB³ [Joey Beltram] Loose Kick Close Grind NovaMute 1996
4:24 am
Multiplex The Cool Rule Natural Born Techno 7 Nova Zembla 1997
4:38 am
Klute Take A Breath (Klute remix) Take A Breath (Klute remix) Commercial Suicide 2019
4:43 am
Current Value Megacity SENEX LP (new) MethLab Recordings 2019
4:48 am
Morgantics Sake Dreams mp3 Soundcloud 2018
4:52 am
Machine Girl Splatter! U-Void Synthesizer (new) Bandcamp 2020
4:55 am
Giant Swan 55 Year Old Daughter Giant Swan (new) Keck 2019
4:58 am
Shearing Pinx Cursed Heart Matter Poison Hands Gilgongo 2006
5:00 am
Soft Shoulder Wellness Line (Move a New Way) Aerosol Can Stand 7" (new) Gilgongo 2020
5:05 am
Jade Helm Days Gone 7" (new) Gilgongo 2020
5:08 am
Cold Beat Gloves Mother (new) DFA 2020
5:11 am
Carla dal Forno Don't Follow Me Look up Sharp (new) Kallista 2019
5:16 am
Black Tape for a Blue Girl The Sound of Waves Ashes in the Brittle Air (reissue) Projekt 1989
5:20 am
Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke Shadow Magnet Duality 4AD 1998
5:38 am
Daniel Davies One Hundred Years Signals (new) Sacred Bones 2020
5:44 am
Tycho Cypress Simulcast (new) Mom + Pop/Ninja Tune 2020
5:50 am
Nodern Pauset Personal Settings 2 Quatermass 2002
5:55 am
System Error Scan Queue Overflow Nothing Headphone 1997