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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Trans Radio

with Michelle Hughes on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Show Notes:

Re features transgender, intersex, & gender-nonconforming artists 8-9am

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
7:10 am
thao and the get down stay down endless love a man alive ribbon music 2016
7:11 am
bestial mouths faceless heartless cleopatra 2016
7:15 am
la sera one true love music for listening to music to polyvinyl 2016
7:16 am
randolph's grin bones (ozone mix) darkness and the machine: a collection of Detroit industrial and gothic carpe mortem 1998
7:20 am
screaming females humanity arragned what if someone is watching their tv? Don Giovanni
7:38 am
bestial mouths small prey heartless cleopatra 2016
7:38 am
white ravens atomic panda gargoyles and weather vanes 2010
7:39 am
tacocat men explain things to me lost time hardly art 2016
7:40 am
tacocat horse grrls lost time hardly art 2016
7:42 am
best coast I wanna know fade away
7:45 am
eva pilarova leto leto czech up!
7:47 am
bestial mouths worn skin heartless cleopatra 2016
7:56 am
hinds bamboo leave me alone mom+pop 2016
7:59 am
god is my co-pilot she's so butch
8:00 am
kitten forever temple
8:03 am
Wendy Carlos Title Music from A Clockwork Orange Wendy Carlos's Complete Original Score: A Clockwork Orange
8:06 am
Wendy Carlos Gazza Ladra Wendy Carlos's Complete Original Score: A Clockwork Orange
8:23 am
Hurray for the Riff Raff The Body Electric Small Town Heroes
8:24 am
Katastrophe Tickled Sick The Worst Amazing
8:24 am
Katastrophe Left, Right. Okay. The Worst Amazing
8:30 am
Wedny Carlos Eden Digital Moonscapes
8:48 am
Wendy Carlos Intergalactic Communications Digital Moonscapes
8:58 am
Throbbing Gristle 2-1 Music from the Death Factory
8:59 am
Pinhead Gunpowder Freedom Is Jump Salty
8:59 am
Pinhead Gunpowder I Wanna Jump Salty