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Playlist: Area of Refuge

with Sue on Monday, November 30, 2015

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:09 am
Siouxsie and The Banshees “Ornaments of Gold”
9:10 am
Pharoah Sanders “Colors”
9:11 am
Billie Holiday “Don't Explain”
9:13 am
Orchids “Sweet Fine Woman”
9:18 am
Etta James “Pushover”
9:19 am
Louis Jordan “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”
9:25 am
Sonny & Cher “The Beat Goes On”
9:29 am
Encore Records “underwriting”
9:31 am
Duane the Brand New Dog “Beware of the Dog”
9:38 am
Two Culture Clash “Rudie No”
9:39 am
Gardening By Moonlight “Let It Take You There”
9:43 am
Soft Boys “The Yodelling Hoover”
9:46 am
X_X “The Social Whirlpool”
9:47 am
Seinabo Sey “You”
9:54 am
Juliann “I Shall Sing”
9:55 am
Rita Marley “One Draw”
10:01 am
Sidney Bechet w/Noble Sissle's Swingers “Viper Mad”
10:08 am
Beirut “Gibralter”
10:15 am
Battles “The Yabba”
10:16 am
Spirit “Mechanical World”
10:24 am
Arthur Russell “Keeping Up”
10:34 am
Pilgrim Wonders “He Never Failed”
10:35 am
St. Vincent “Bring Me Your Loves”
10:39 am
Boogarins “Avalanche”
10:43 am
Black Masala “Bhangra Ramo”
10:50 am
Grune Rosen “Jungle”
10:51 am
Jaco Pastorius “Time Lapse”
10:57 am
Beach Boys “God Only Knows”
11:02 am
Thra Kha Band “Crazy Loving You”
11:07 am
Young Fresh Fellows “TV Dream”
11:10 am
Elvis Costello “I'm Not Angry”
11:12 am
The Young Rascals “I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”
11:16 am
Bohicas “XXX”
11:17 am
Bones & Beeker “World Behind”
11:20 am
DJ Krush “The Lost voices”
11:27 am
Kishi Bashi “Bright Whites”
11:30 am
Beatles “Run for your life”
11:39 am
Elixir Vitae “underwriting”
11:42 am
Rollie Tussing “Speakeasy Rag”
11:46 am
Promised Land Sound “Push and Pull (All the Time)”
11:51 am
Gene Clark “Kansas City Southern”
11:54 am
Little Feat “Down the Road”
11:59 am
!!! “All You Writers”