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Playlist: Droning is a Must

with tone on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Show Notes:

hour one
david hykes and the harmonic choir - rainbow voice and multiplying voices at the heart of the body of sound from hearing solar winds
steve roach - atmosphere for dreaming
martin sturtzer - super black hole from farcaster
john luther adams - minor 2nds, rising and clouds of mixed 2nds and major 2nds, rising and clouds of 2nds and 3rds and diminished bells from cloud of forgetting, clouds of unknowing
manitou - mist and fog settle on the grey iron foundry and lilacs flowering at the brewster-douglass homes and quiet stillness rests on the algiers hotel from shadows of a detroit winter sun

hour two
steve roach david hudson and sarah hopkins - red dust and sweat
john luther adams - become river
steve roach - looking for safety
steve roach - truth in passing