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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Show Notes:

I get an extra hour this semester!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
The Space Lady Starman Split LP with Burnt Ones Castle Face 2015
2:09 am
David Bowie Space Oddity David Bowie Philips 1969
2:12 am
David Bowie Panic in Detroit Aladdin Sane Rca 1973
2:17 am
David Bowie Life on Mars? Hunky Dory RCA 1971
2:20 am
David Bowie White Light/White Heat (live) Sound + Vision Box EMI 1973
2:24 am
David Bowie See Emily Play Pin Ups RCA Victor 1973
2:31 am
David Bowie Crystal Japan All Saints: Collected Instrumentals 1977-1999 Virgin 1980
2:34 am
David Bowie Art Decade Low RCA Victor 1977
2:37 am
David Bowie Abdulmajid "Heroes" reissue Ryko 1977
2:41 am
David Bowie African Night Flight Lodger RCA 1979
2:44 am
David Bowie vs 808 State Sound + Vision (808 Giftmix) Sound + Vision Remix 12" vinyl Ryko 1991
2:48 am
David Bowie "Helden" Sound + Vision Box EMI 1989
2:51 am
David Bowie Little Wonder Earthling Virgin 1997
2:57 am
Liam Lynch [Sifl & Olly] Fake Bowie Song (Eclipse Me) Fake Songs 111 Productions 1999
3:00 am
David Bowie Warszawa Low RCA Victor 1977
3:05 am
Imaginary Softwoods Crystal Pond The Path of Spectrolite Amethyst Sunset 2011
3:20 am
Infinite Body Empyrean Avolition (new) Isounderscore 2015
3:26 am
Sean McCann Star Charge The Capital Aguirre 2011
3:29 am
Ray Sammartano Reflexions Through the Chronos Lens (new) self-released 2015
3:38 am
Lovesliescrushing Riuj Voirshn Projekt 2002
3:44 am
Benoît Pioulard (local) Plainchant Noyaux (new) Morr Music 2015
3:47 am
Blank Thomas Satan's Vacuum 405 Skies (new) Dismal Niche 2016
3:52 am
Shapednoise Intruder Different Selves (new) Type 2015
4:00 am
Noveller + Thisquietarmy Reverie V Reveries Consouling Sounds 2015
4:03 am
Local They Are Local Children of Mu Planet Mu 2002
4:07 am
Maduro Wyrmf00d Mourning Stars (new) Component 2015
4:11 am
Le Motel Up & Down Ripples (new) TAR 2016
4:14 am
Evil Robot Ted Trigger Warning (Super Kawaii Bass Terror 1994 Remix) Semi-Infinite 3" cd-r Brokecore 2013
4:17 am
Evil Robot Ted Pyramid Materialization Hints About the Sick Room (new) Scolex Recordings 2015
4:22 am
Tycho Dye (Nitemoves Remix) Awake Remixes (new) Ghostly International 2016
4:27 am
Morten HD Local Habitation Xenoglossia (new) Apothecary Compositions 2016
4:31 am
Chihei Hatakeyama & Hakobune Vibrant Color It Is, It Isn't White Paddy Mountain 2014
4:39 am
Clay Rendering (local) Night To Perish Snowthorn (new) Hospital Productions 2015
4:43 am
Alexandria Last Thing Promise EP (new) Soundcloud 2016
4:46 am
Forest Jackson Wicked Path of Sin Cymbalism Mosz 2005
4:50 am
Dakim Trudging Soap (new) Leaving Records 2016
4:51 am
Adrian Younge/Venice Dawn featuring Laetitia Sadier Memories of War Something About April II (new) Linear Labs 2015
4:54 am
T_A_M Watty 12" (new) Coyote 2016
4:58 am
Novelist Street Politician YouTube (new) 2016
5:01 am
Padna Shoeg. Burnt Offerings Preservation 2012
5:05 am
Air Max '97 Storm Water SND.PE VOL.05 (new) Sound Pellegrino 2016
5:09 am
Relaxer Recoil Relaxer EP (new) Diamonds & Pearls 2016
5:14 am
Khotin Baikal Acid Baikal Acid (new) 1080p 2016
5:20 am
Tortoise Shake Hands With Danger The Catastrophist (new) Thrill Jockey 2016
5:24 am
Ketev Traces of Weakness Traces of Weakness (new) Where To Now? Records 2016
5:31 am
Matthew Barlow Halflight Sun Showers Preservation 2014
5:38 am
JC War Hands JC (new) Speaker Footage 2016
5:44 am
Brighter Death Now The Cover-Up With Promises of Death Familjegraven 2014
5:48 am
Final Cop Exposed to the Sun Castaway Lakota (new) Dub Ditch Picnic 2015
5:50 am
Autumn Nicole (local) The Flowers and the Trees Let's Keep Things Weird (new) Bandcamp 2016
5:52 am
Chris Herbert Suashi Mezzotint Kranky 2006