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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, January 30, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Swans The Unknown White Light From the Mouth of Infinity/Love of Life (Deluxe Edition) Young God
2:08 am
Irmin Schmidt Balance Electro Violet: Filmmusik Anthology Volume 2 Spoon/Mute 1982
2:11 am
Blithe Field Bottoming Out Face Always Toward the Sun (new) Orchid Tapes 2016
2:22 am
Christopher Bissonnette The Rate of Delay Pitch, Paper & Foil (new) Kranky 2015
2:27 am
555 The Magician Arcosanta (new) Moon Glyph 2015
2:32 am
Hollowfonts Three to a Cage Black Brass (new) Masters Chemical Society 2015
2:43 am
Longmont Potion Castle LPC 12 Medley 2 LPC 12 (new) D.U. Records 2015
2:53 am
Beat Detectives Sample Party Version mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
3:00 am
Lord Raja Stars (Intro) Para (new) Ghostly International 2015
3:03 am
Rabit & Dedekind Cut R&D-iii R&D (new) Ninja Tune 2016
3:06 am
(703) 863-4357 Debutante Ball Shine Operator (new) Pastel Voids 2016
3:10 am
Alpturer Taikonaut Taikonaut (new) Component 2016
3:16 am
Daniël Jacques Lost Count Discovery Change (Part 3) (new) Jadac Recordings 2015
3:20 am
Linafornia Nagchampa (In the Vortex) / Beat F Yung (new) Dome of Doom 2016
3:22 am
Letta Polar Testimony (new) Coyote 2015
3:27 am
Moro Libres San Benito (new) NON 2016
3:30 am
Immune Las Vegas Breathless (new) Dream Catalogue™ 2016
3:33 am
Innsyter Cut 11 Poison Life (new) LACR 2016
3:38 am
Solvent King Vincent New Ways Suction 2014
3:43 am
Void Vision Vulgar Displays Sub Rosa Mannequin 2014
3:47 am
Benny Boeldt Living Dream 8 of Cups (new) Carpark 2016
3:51 am
Evil Robot Ted Overkill All Over Again Hints About the Sick Room (new) Scolex Recordings 2015
3:54 am
Roly Porter Mass Third Law (new) Tri Angle 2016
3:59 am
Rapoon A Light Divides Downgliding (new) Carpe Sonum Novum 2015
4:03 am
Burnt Palms Never Met You Back On My Wall (new) We Were Never Being Boring 2016
4:05 am
Charlie Hilton Long Goodbye Palana (new) Captured Tracks 2016
4:08 am
Cross Record Two Rings Wabi Sabi (new) Ba Da Bing 2016
4:12 am
Camera Ozymandias Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide Bureau B 2014
4:18 am
James Welburn Shift Hold Miasmah 2015
4:24 am
Teeth of the Sea All My Venom Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (new) Rocket Recordings 2015
4:32 am
In Camera track 1 Open Air Robot Records 2006
4:37 am
Gloria Ann Taylor World That's Not Real Love Is a Hurtin' Thing Luv N' Haight Records 1973
4:41 am
Lilly Joel Thaw What Lies in the Sea (new) Sub Rosa 2015
4:47 am
Moskitoo untitled Tasogare: Live in Tokyo 12k 2010
5:03 am
Frank Riggio M90 to M108 Psychexcess II - Futurism (new) Hymen 2015
5:09 am
Masami Akita & John Duncan side B track 2 The Black Album Tourette Records 2014
5:20 am
The Albert Lerner Trio/Longmont Potion Castle Carla (Coltrane Mix) The Albert Lerner Trio/Longmont Potion Castle 2LP (new) D.U. Records 2015
5:23 am
Billowing Uphill Modifications D'Éclairage (new) Life Like 2015
5:34 am
Le Berger sgfoj;dfsgoj;bdgafe Music For Guitar & Patience (new) Home Normal 2015
5:49 am
Lubomyr Melnyk The Amazon: The Lowlands Rivers and Streams (new) Erased Tapes 2015