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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Show Notes:

Thanks for helping out with fundraising!!!
Lots of long songs in the beginning because the computer was updating.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Ryan Huber Kanab Kanab (new) Inam Records 2016
2:15 am
Ulrich Krieger Trona /RAW:ReSpace/ (new) XI Records 2016
2:27 am
Rangda Hard Times Befall the Door-To-Door Glass Shard Salesman The Heretic's Bargain (new) Drag City 2016
2:35 am
Infinite Body Empyrean Avolition (new) Isounderscore 2015
2:41 am
Guido Gamboa side A track 1 and 2 Saturday's Notes (new) Pentiments 2016
2:46 am
Pyrolator Inland 3 Inland Bureau B 1979
2:49 am
Venetian Snares She Married A Chess Computer In the End Traditional Synthesizer Music (new) Timesig 2016
2:53 am
Die Partei Allerheiligen La Freiheit des Geistes Bureau B 1981
2:55 am
Joey Anderson 18 Arms Invisible Switch (new) Dekmantel 2015
3:02 am
Brood Ma Molten Brownian Motion Daze (new) Tri Angle 2016
3:04 am
Heliocentrics The Pit From the Deep (new) Now-Again 2016
3:10 am
Odd Nosdam Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix) mp3 (new) Leaving Records 2016
3:13 am
HEX Ruin Value HEX (new) Liberation Technologies 2016
3:17 am
Dow One SURPLUS: design web, hege, third labor YOUTH WAGE SURPLUS (new) Cairn Desk 2016
3:27 am
Zora Jones ft. Heavee Ruby Fifths [DVA Hi:Emotions Remix] mp3 (new) Fractal Fantasy 2016
3:32 am
Akito Metamessage (Murlo & Famous Eno Remix) Metamessage Remix EP (new) Sans Absence 2016
3:36 am
Micachu I Dare You (Demdike Stare Edit) Taz and May Vids (new) DDS 2016
3:40 am
Matmos Ultimate Care II (the last 8 minutes or so) Ultimate Care II (new) Thrill Jockey 2016
3:48 am
Shape Worship Zoned (Hecate) A City Remembrancer (new) Front and Follow 2015
3:56 am
How to Cure Our Soul Night Climb to the Mount Analogue Luna (new) Low Point 2015
4:01 am
BLÆRG Redundant Tautologies Redundant Tautologies (new) Immigrant Breast Nest 2016
4:17 am
Wisp Prort Key Random Number... Colors Start Moodgadget 2004
4:22 am
食品まつりa.k.a foodman×Meuko! Meuko! Wan Wan Wan Wan (Vocal Version) mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
4:28 am
Steve Roach Views Beyond Arc of Passion Projekt 2008
4:32 am
holymachines x Aquiet Yt Image Version (new) Average Negative 2016
4:36 am
Francine Thirteen 13 Statements mp3 Soundcloud 2015
4:38 am
Lightstorm Let Your Astral Body Fly Creation Drag City/Yoga Records 1977
4:42 am
Invada Allstars feat. Anika 99 Red Balloons mp3 (new) Invada 2016
4:46 am
Pinkshinyultrablast The Cherry Pit Grandfeathered (new) Club AC30 2016
4:51 am
Heron Oblivion Faro Heron Oblivion (new) Sub Pop 2016
4:56 am
SALES Jamz mp3 (new) self-released 2016
5:00 am
Qluster Melpomene Lauschen Bureau B 2012
5:04 am
Cavern of Anti-Matter Tardis Cymbals Void Beats/Invocation Trex (new) Duophonic 2016
5:17 am
The Renderers A Dream of the Sea A Dream of the Sea Siltbreeze 1998
5:21 am
The Renderers Seaworthy In the Sodium Light (new) Ba Da Bing 2016
5:25 am
Thee Oh Sees Fortress 7" (new) Castle Face 2016
5:30 am
All Together The Oneness Ivan - Gavin (new) Bandcamp 2016
5:36 am
Sarah Neufeld The Glow The Ridge (new) Paper Bag 2016
5:43 am
Davey Harms American Raw Cables (new) Hausu Mountain 2016
5:49 am
James West (DJ Midi Mayne) Rush 2 Tha Rave Busy Night Time 1997 (new) Bootleg Tapes 2016
5:54 am
Essaie pas Depassée par le fantasme Demain est une autre nuit (new) DFA 2016