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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Solar Bears Scale Advancement (new) Sunday Best Recordings 2016
2:07 am
Clark Upward Evaporation The Last Panthers (new) Warp 2016
2:12 am
Andrew Tuttle Public League Fantasy League (new) Someone Good 2016
2:19 am
Yearning Kru Multipass Copper Vale (new) Planet Mu 2016
2:26 am
Ceramic TL This Looks Just Like It, The Answer To My Prayers – I Thought My Life Was Over Until Two Years Later I Arrived Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border (new) Halocline Trance 2016
2:31 am
Nils Quak Im Garten Ad Interim (new) Phinery Tapes 2016
2:38 am
Ital Tek Jenova Hollowed (new) Planet Mu 2016
2:44 am
The Range Falling Out of Phase Potential (new) Domino 2016
2:47 am
Howes Overveen 3.5 Degrees (new) Melodic 2016
2:53 am
Acre Holding Hands Better Strangers (new) Tectonic 2015
2:58 am
Gregg Kowalsky Gara Note Through the Cardial Window Kranky 2006
3:03 am
Chino Amobi Warszawa Airport Music For Black Folk (new) NON WORLDWIDE 2016
3:06 am
Justin Shay Make My Soul Monstrous She Said It Looks Like Spring We're Twins Records 2002
3:09 am
Dimitri Mazurov Plethora Rudiments (new) Psychonavigation Records 2016
3:11 am
Nils Quak Litmus In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni (new) Spam 2015
3:13 am
Frak Synthgök Sudden Haircut Dark Entries 2010
3:20 am
Lakker Maeslantskering Gating Struggle & Emerge (new) R&S 2016
3:26 am
Sendai Antennaed split EP w/ Cassegrain (new) Konstrukt 2016
3:31 am
Darq E Freaker Venom ADHD EP (new) Big Dada 2016
3:34 am
Five Star Hotel Weather Patterns #HOTELSEASON II Visual Disturbances 2015
3:37 am
Divtech Socio-Pathology Stasis Confines, Action Conditions (new) Realicide Youth 2016
3:39 am
Bubblegum Octopus Distortion Castle Bad Happy B-Sides (new) Bandcamp 2016
3:43 am
CDR Torture Funk CDR vs Shiro_51 vs Lzie !​!​! (new) Bandcamp 2016
3:45 am
Evil Robot Ted Riot 1997 (Live Mix) Semi-Infinite + Bandcamp 2013
3:48 am
Phoxii [fka Foxdye] Phaxxid mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
3:53 am
Sensational & Kruton Turn the Page You In the Right Spot (new) Power Vacuum 2016
3:57 am
Pimmon Don't Remember Smudge Another Yesterday Preservation 2009
4:01 am
Talk West Dark White Black Coral Sprig Preservation 2014
4:06 am
Mazut YG'TZE - fall #1 (new) BDTA 2015
4:11 am
myr. I Think I Hear Them Coming Diamondbacks Make Wonderful Pets (new) PNN 2016
4:17 am
Thomas P. Heckmann Scream Ghosts Carpe Sonum Novum 2015
4:22 am
Thomas Köner Tiento De La Luz 4 Tiento De La Luz (new) Denovali 2016
4:30 am
Wolfgang Voigt Kafkatrax 3.4 Kafkatrax Profan 2011
4:37 am
Pyrolator Merapi Neuland Bureau B 2011
4:40 am
D5 Lab Work Sides of Space Delsin 2007
4:46 am
Wish Key Orient Express (Instrumental) Deep Disco ZYX 1983
4:52 am
Automat TXF Automat Bureau B 2014
4:58 am
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters One Finger and Someone Else's Chords Tomorrow Is Another Day Bureau B 2013
5:03 am
Kobosil You Answered With Love We Grow, You Decline (new) Ostgut Ton 2016
5:06 am
Orson Hentschel Feed the Tape Feed the Tape (new) Denovali 2016
5:11 am
Fatima Al Qadiri Breach Brute (new) Hyperdub 2016
5:14 am
Valgeir Sigurðsson Big Reveal Architecture Of Loss Bedroom Community 2012
5:18 am
Nash the Slash The Chase Dreams and Nightmares Artoffact Records 1979
5:22 am
The Body Two Snakes No One Deserves Happiness (new) Thrill Jockey 2016
5:28 am
Markus Guentner Senses Air Texture Volume 1 Air Texture 2011
5:36 am
Brian McBride Stringer to Light Feed Frenzy When the Detail Lost Its Freedom Kranky 2005
5:39 am
Olan Mill Salkantay Trail Home Preservation 2012
5:43 am
Jan St. Werner Singith Felder (new) Thrill Jockey 2016
5:50 am
Sarah Neufeld A Long Awaited Scar The Ridge (new) Paper Bag 2016