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Playlist: Down Home Show

with rotating host Sean Westergaard on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Show Notes:

it's down home sean's cavalcade of totally disorganized 45's. mookietorch@hotmail.com if you wanna give me a shout.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:01 pm
bill anderson country dj 7" mca
12:04 pm
al hawkes snowmobile sal 7" event
12:07 pm
big jim dawkins so undecided 7" clearpool
12:10 pm
shady stevens i'm just lonely 7" pat
12:13 pm
dickey lee i use the soap 7" RCA
12:15 pm
george kent she'll wear it out leaving town 7" shannon
12:19 pm
don chapel hurtin' time 7" epic
12:20 pm
scott erickson sad song sing along 7" ribbon rail
12:25 pm
mickey gilley jukebox argument 7" epic
12:28 pm
jaime roustabout 7" jade
12:33 pm
e.c. beatty ski king 7" colonial
12:35 pm
gene sullivan wash your feet before going to bed 7" columbia
12:37 pm
buddy starcher history repeats itself 7" sparton
12:41 pm
homer & jethro unhappy day 7" RCA victor
12:44 pm
freddy fender the wild side of life 7" GRT
12:45 pm
mel tillis old faithful 7" kapp
12:48 pm
del vaughan garden of love 7" fortune
12:52 pm
rick moore that's the breaks 7" stoneway
12:53 pm
the cavaleers lady on the run 7" country showcase america
12:57 pm
paul buskirk paul's boogie 7" stoneway
12:59 pm
leon mcauliff my little red wagon 7" cimarron
1:02 pm
george hall & the hallmarks it's a long hard livin' 7" pleasure
1:04 pm
rusty & doug (kershaw) cajun stripper 7" RCA victor
1:07 pm
chuck burdett sad situation 7" stop
1:09 pm
paul metcalf silent tears 7" white horse
1:14 pm
jack greene hanging over me 7" decca
1:15 pm
billy 'crash' craddock ain't nothin' shakin' (but the leaves on the trees) 7" cartwheel
1:18 pm
ray smith that's all right 7" judd
1:20 pm
tom wayne ruth ann 7" ranger
1:24 pm
sharon sisson i think i'm in love again 7" MCM
1:27 pm
GeeNee sterling if you've got the money, i've got the time 7" liberty audition
1:29 pm
jeannie c. riley give myself a party 7" MGM
1:31 pm
lynn anderson wave bye-bye to the man 7" chart
1:35 pm
kitty hawkins go'in' won't be easy 7" capa
1:36 pm
carolyn duncan stop putting me on 7" rubicon
1:39 pm
linda cassaday little teardrops (are smarter than you) 7" CIN/KAY
1:41 pm
ann j. morton onions and love affairs 7" prairie dust
1:44 pm
connie cato you better hurry home (somethin's burnin') 7" MCA
1:47 pm
dee mullins parking for cheaters 7" sss international
1:50 pm
evelyn dillmon a girl has her pride 7" twin record productions
1:52 pm
micki layne i'm still a little wild 7" fox fire
1:54 pm
christy lane penny arcade 7" LS
1:59 pm
jimmy richardson freeway 7" nashville
2:01 pm
glenn barber everybody wants to disco 7" MMI
2:03 pm
the four guys streakin' with my baby (on a sunday afternoon) 7" cinnamon
2:06 pm
autry inman give me forty acres 7" sims
2:09 pm
marcy dickerson (i wanta be) a truck driver's sweetheart 7" plantation
2:13 pm
laverne tripp ole truck 7" OCA
2:15 pm
dave dudley the pool shark 7" mercury
2:18 pm
jimmy dawson big black bug boogie 7" k-ark
2:20 pm
jerry reed lightning rod 7" RCA
2:23 pm
spade cooley swingin' the devil's dream 7" decca
2:26 pm
chet atkins boo boo stick beat 7" rca victor
2:28 pm
bill mack too tall jones 7" little ritchie
2:31 pm
bill franklin shiny black shoes 7" salem
2:34 pm
chase webster bell bottom trousers 7" battlewood
2:37 pm
stew fargo country gigolo 7" little guy
2:41 pm
tommy zang wall to wall love 7" hickory
2:42 pm
bob sweet cost of lovin' 7" CRM
2:45 pm
roger miller dang me 7" smash
2:46 pm
ruby wright dern ya 7" recording industries
2:51 pm
jim estes & the blue echoes the ballad of walter reuther 7" GV (??)
2:54 pm
jim estes & the blue echoes black lake michigan 7" ??
2:57 pm
gary stewart she's actin' single (i'm drinkin' doubles) 7" RCA