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Playlist: Freeform w/ Jason Bombach

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Show Notes:

We are spoiled for good music in this town.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:04 am
Bubak (local) Peyote Vol. 3
3:17 am
Blue Snaggletooth (local) Sector 7 Dimension Thule Arbco 2012
3:22 am
Virga (local) ITF Vague Splash
3:26 am
Half Ton Destrier (local) Darth Bader/Bader's Descent The Royal Arsenal
3:30 am
Ness Lake (local) Homecoming Low Light
3:35 am
Lizzerd (local) Crumble and Fall No Matter What You Have Done Self Released 2014
3:38 am
Archipelago (local) Bought and Sold Gorgeous Tom
3:43 am
Child Bite (local) Beyond the Dirt Negative Noise Housecore Records 2016
3:50 am
Harlow/Formanek Duo (local) I Want to See You Snapshot
4:02 am
Lightning Love Our Love Is Gone Blonde Album
4:05 am
Das Chritz (local) Aftershockparty PADNUB EP
4:08 am
Matthew Dear (local) Little People (Black City) Black City Ghostly International 2010
4:17 am
Olive Fairbridge (local)
4:28 am
Doogatron (local) What Do We Owe To Each Other? What Do We Owe To Each Other?
4:34 am
a wolf named sköll daylight's burning paramasturbatory delusions
4:41 am
Invincible (local) Locust Shapeshifters Emergence
4:47 am
B Roll (local) Bent Photocopy
4:49 am
Raw Honey (local) Build a City Riverbed Life Like 2021
4:53 am
Social Meteor (local) For Those Without a Home For Those WIthout a Home​/​Gated Community
5:03 am
Heroes & Villains Macabre Leaf Theme From The Dark Pink Circus
5:09 am
King Under the Mountain (local) Cyst and Deceased Demo Self Released
5:14 am
Fuckin' A (local) Sick of You/Blockhead/Remember When? For All Intents and Purposes Arbco 2012
5:21 am
Bill Bondsmen (local) Take Me Off Your List Young*, Loud and Shoddy (*Kinda) Buring Sensation Records
5:22 am
Minus 9 (local) Road Kill Non-Ignorable Kill Flying Blood 2007
5:24 am
The Plurals (local) How About The Weather? An Onion Tied to My Belt Gtg Records
5:26 am
Lord Centipede (local) Enter the Centipede Centipede up Your Ass! Arbco
5:30 am
Busted Luster Doomsday Clock It's Alright (Until it's Not)
5:36 am
Lonely Hearts Convention (local) Ypsilanti Blues Dixboro Road
5:40 am
Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss (local) Starting a Dance Craze S/T
5:43 am
MAN AT ARMS (local) Like​/​Don't​/​Like Good Thinking
5:46 am
Electric Six (local) I'm The Bomb Fire Xl 2003
5:50 am
Scissor Now! (local) Make Babies or Die Trying Not Now but Right Now! Arbco 2014
5:51 am
The Amino Acids (local) Mr. Lu? Theme from the Slack Hole Bellyache Records 2013
5:52 am
kissyourfriends (local) Jacket Over Hoodie Over Shirt HYGM