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Playlist: Doctor Awesome's Cabinet of Wonders (In Person FM)

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:00 am
ooioo don ah game! Thrill Jockey Records 2014
6:11 am
? food, wine, aldonza man of la mancha
6:14 am
jamie v johnson summer's autumn self-released 2021
6:20 am
the driftwood singers the lakes of missouri the driftwood singers
6:23 am
hank dogs bareback bareback 1999
6:34 am
kelly hogan & the pine valley cosmonauts sudden stop beneath the country underdog bloodshot 2000
6:35 am
dolly parton down from dover little sparrow sugar hill 2001
6:35 am
frente! ordinary angels marvin the album 1994
6:42 am
mosquitos ufo III holiday
6:42 am
lavender diamond you broke my heart the cavalry of light 2005
6:45 am
joanna newsom the things I say divers drag city 2015
6:48 am
psapp curuncula tiger, my friend
6:56 am
nanci griffith & the blue moon orchestra everything's comin' up roses blue roses from the moon elektra 1997
6:57 am
frankie cosmos o dreaded c town next thing bayonet 2016
7:00 am
dum dum girls trees and flowers end of daze subpop 2012
7:05 am
automatic I love you, fine signal stone's throw 2019
7:08 am
st vincent los ageless masseduction loma vista 2017
7:12 am
trailer trash tracys los angered ester
7:19 am
austra spellwork domino fell it break 2011
7:22 am
wolf alice don't delete the kisses don't delete the kisses rca 2017
7:30 am
randolph's grin burn the bridge melt
7:30 am
meredith blindspot blindspot (1991-1994) jigsaw 2019
7:38 am
felix palmen (zirias) minimal illuminatus high voltage SID collection 2014
7:38 am
jan albartus (logan) fast 3rd high voltage SID collection new dimension crew 1992
7:39 am
david whittaker amaurote high voltage SID collection mad/mastertronic 1987
7:39 am
stereolab laissez faire abc music strange fruit 1996
7:41 am
girl in red i wanna be your girlfriend chapter 1 self-released 2018
7:45 am
blind liars autum changed to fall
7:47 am
girlfriendo homework surprise! surprise! march 1999
7:48 am
golden triangle rollercoaster double jointer
7:52 am
7 year bitch knot sick'em 1992
7:58 am
lunachicks spoilt jerk of all trades go kart 1995
8:10 am
nihilist cheerleader shark fin soup riot, right? perfect attendance records 2018
8:10 am
honey bane girl on the run a reference of female-fronted punk rock
8:10 am
downtown boys 100% inheritance tax full communism don giovanni records 2015
8:12 am
north centipedes drowning in sky self-released 2008
8:17 am
heartsrevolution kill your radio ride or die
8:21 am
hello seahorse! atardecer en parapent hoy a las ocho magic marker 2009
8:31 am
girl in red girls beginnings self released 2019
8:32 am
kero kero bonito fish bowl bonito generation double denim 2018
8:32 am
brave irene no fun brave irene 2011
8:33 am
petty booka pineapple princess let's talk dirty in hawaiian sister benten 2003
8:46 am
thomas e petersen (laxity) oh! that! high voltage SID collection vibrants 1993
8:46 am
marcin majdzik (psycho) old idea high voltage SID collection gmi/multistyle labs 2009
8:47 am
nils feske (505) opening high voltage SID collection checkpoint/creators 2004
8:47 am
jan d arent harries (rambones) stairways high voltage SID collection ancients 2005
8:47 am
milosz ignatowski (longhair) ? high voltage SID collection parados 1992
8:47 am
david whittaker speedball high voltage SID collection image works 1989
8:48 am
? ? even dwarfs started small 1970
8:52 am
tallies eden tallies factor 2019
8:57 am
weaves eagle weaves kanine records 2016