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Playlist: Doctor Awesome's Cabinet of Wonders (In Person FM)

with Michelle Hughes on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:06 am
mazzy star fade into you so tonight that i might see capitol 1993
6:08 am
times new viking rip allegory rip it off 2008
6:09 am
bat for lashes sad eyes fur and gold caroline 2007
6:14 am
mitski washing machine heart be the cowboy dead oceans 2018
6:16 am
mirah and spectratone international song of psyche share this place: stories and observations 2007
6:26 am
tom roger skauen (sidewinder) skilles johanne high voltage SID collection 1995
6:27 am
schneider declem high voltage SID collection 1990
6:27 am
lovers the first law of thermodynamics the gutter and the garden 2004
6:31 am
cranes feathers cranes 2008
6:32 am
first aid kit hard believer the big black and the blue 2010
6:37 am
marissa nadler nothing feels the same strangers sacred bones 2016
6:41 am
loreena mckennitt dante's prayer (by request) the book of secrets 1997
6:51 am
liam wolf (local) waiting song 2021
6:51 am
chromatics night drive night drive (remastered, original 2007) italians do it better 2017
6:55 am
lightning dust diamond fantasy 2013
7:01 am
widowspeak ghost boy lighting out
7:05 am
reena pang (local) tiny groove 2020
7:08 am
the ettes you never say wicked will
7:11 am
tyranahorse zombie waltz ghostwolfmotherhawkprairieunicornlionlioness
7:16 am
eternal summers wonder correct behavior kanine 2012
7:18 am
slumber party electric ocean musik kill rock stars 2006
7:22 am
girl ray ghosty earl grey moshi moshi 2017
7:26 am
space lady synthesize me the space lady's greatest hits night school 2014
7:45 am
jakub szefer (sfr) 097 high voltage SID collection 2009
7:45 am
mr bocky mega demo III introduction high voltage SID collection 1994
7:46 am
torben hansen (metal) toxicjazz high voltage SID collection 1989
7:46 am
jan d arent harries (rambones) scary stuff high voltage SID collection 2003
7:46 am
richard bayliss feel the power high voltage SID collection 2011
7:49 am
hatchie bad guy sugar & spice double double whammy 2018
7:50 am
drowner fear of falling you're beautiful, I forgive you 2013
7:50 am
bestial mouths down to the bones heartless cleopatra 2016
7:56 am
kaelan mikla kalt manadans artoffact 2018
7:56 am
screaming females ghost solo castle talk don giovanni 2010
8:03 am
the cliks walking in a graveyard
8:05 am
alexander james adams horned one
8:09 am
schmekel I <3 str8 men (but not 4 sex)
8:11 am
lush monochrome spooky 4ad 1992
8:20 am
the asteroids galaxy tour ghost in my head out of frequency bmg 2011
8:21 am
blood on the wall dead edge of town awesomer the social registry 2005
8:25 am
fur cups for teeth international baby fcfu
8:41 am
blind liars (local) everything was beautiful everything was words 2020
8:42 am
richard bayliss feel the power high voltage SID collection 2011
8:42 am
paul kubiszyn infin8 high voltage SID collection 1995
8:42 am
david filskov (odkin) dance1 high voltage SID collection 1998
8:43 am
stellan andersson (dane) lois lane high voltage SID collection 1997
8:43 am
dariusz maslowski (signor) preview gass high voltage SID collection 1996
8:44 am
a-heads no rule a reference of female-fronted punk rock
8:44 am
the capricorns ghosts pure magical love 2006
8:52 am
all girl summer fun band samantha secret agent 2 2003
8:52 am
petty booka going back to okinawa let's talk dirty in hawaiian sister benten 2003
8:54 am
the chiffons one fine day the best of the chiffons laurie 1988
8:56 am
sidan di enw welsh rare beat 2005