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Playlist: The Local Music Show (In Person C)

with rotating host Shelley on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:02 pm
The Merrie Motor Company Dream of You 45 Decca 1968
9:11 pm
Pure Rave Brazil Nina Market 2021
9:16 pm
Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt Demands of Ordinary Devotion Lucy & Aaron Hanson 2021
9:20 pm
The New Me Mirrordome It's 1999. You're Dead. What Do You Do Now? Nostilevo 2021
9:24 pm
Tadd Mullinix Bridge Out Skein Bopside 2016
9:40 pm
Dave Graw (local) Perihelion (Apsis Warning Signs) Abandon Hope Syncro System 2021
9:49 pm
Idle Ray Emphasis Locator s/t Life Like 2021
9:49 pm
Sung Water Summertime S/t 2020
9:54 pm
Raw Honey Concrete Bridges Riverbed Life Like 2021
10:01 pm
Kathy Leisen You Feel You Know Proof Syncro System 2021
10:09 pm
Julius Chajes Palestinian Melodies - Opus 35 Chajes Plays Chajes
10:11 pm
Theo Parrish, Lori, Silentjay, Perrin Moss, Simon Mavin, Paul Bender What You Gonna Ask For (Theo Mix) 12" Sound Signature 2019
10:20 pm
Celsius Electronics featuring G.P. No Way Mundai Branch Out Collective 2010
10:25 pm
Loose Koozies The Butterfly bandcamp 2021
10:28 pm
Ty Farris Better Dayz Ramen Noodle Nights Bars Over BS 2021
10:31 pm
Ty Farris Tryna Survive Ramen Noodle Nights Bars Over BS 2021
10:34 pm
Ty Farris Don't Wanna Live Ramen Noodle Nights Bars Over BS 2021
10:36 pm
Todd Modes That's Right New Life 100 Limousines 2019
10:39 pm
Creode untitled Ectroni Alien Passengers 2020
10:49 pm
Jad and David Fair Go Dada Daddyo Punk House MOCAD 2017
10:49 pm
Odd Clouds Cleft Foot Punk House MOCAD 2017
10:51 pm
Monster Island Mothman Soliloquy Punk House Mocad 2017
10:51 pm
Dykehouse Creepage Punk House MOCAD 2017
10:55 pm
The Beast People Death Punk House MOCAD 2017