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Playlist: The Local Music Show (In Person C)

with rotating host JAV on Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:03 pm
Idle Ray (local) Kinda Bloom Idle Ray (new) Life Like 2021
9:05 pm
Cashmere Washington (local) Space Ace The Shape of Things to Come Fish People Birds 2021
9:08 pm
Jim Cherewick Frosting on Fire single (new) jimcherewick.bandcamp.com 2021
9:11 pm
Same Eyes (local) Radio Moscow Desperate Ones (new) 2021
9:13 pm
Bill Van Loo (local) Leaving MSP Heavyweight Trouble (new) 2021
9:21 pm
Mark Kirschenmann (local) The Cascades Cybersonic Outreach (new) 2021
9:27 pm
Dr. Pete Larson and His Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band (local) Cool Breeze Damballah Dagoretti Records 2021
9:32 pm
Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken Strummed Strings String Songs Debacle 2021
9:40 pm
Kathy Leisen (local) One Thing Proof (new) Syncro System 2021
9:44 pm
JDSY (local) dOg yARd (new) 2021
9:47 pm
Andrew WK (local) Babalon God Is Partying (new) Napalm 2021
9:55 pm
Body/Dilloway/Head Goin Down Body/Dilloway/Head (new) Three Lobed Recordings 2021
10:01 pm
Raw Honey (local) Generation Loss Riverbed (new) Life Like 2021
10:03 pm
Scissor Now (local) Black Magic Bus / Logie Dog (They Rub Him) Oh, GOD It's... (new) ARBCO 2021
10:04 pm
Athletic Mic League (local) Finish Line Playground Legends, Vol 1 (new) 2021
10:10 pm
DJ FLP (local) expand Alternate Timeline (new) 2021
10:14 pm
Timothy Monger State Park (local) Trade Paperback / Knight Errand / Prayer Goblin Knight Errand (new) Self-Released 2021
10:19 pm
Bubak (local) POTNA Vol 3 (new) 2021
10:25 pm
Charley Cardboard (local) Tune In Long Flavor (new) 2021
10:32 pm
Doogatron (local) What Do We Owe To Each Other? (new) 2021
10:34 pm
Nickie P (local) Won! The Collective Thought EP (new) 2021
10:38 pm
Panto Collapsar (local) Rogue Fashion Panto Collapsar (new) 2021
10:43 pm
ZZVAVA (local) Pineapple Haze Blah Blah (new) 2021
10:47 pm
marto.matic (local) wasted eggs marto.matic EP (new) 2021
10:50 pm
French Ship (local) Motorbike Tell Me How (new) 2021
10:52 pm
Kat Steih (local) Therapy Songs from a Far Away Galaxy and West Park Vol. 2 (new) 2021
10:57 pm
Idle Ray (local) Strange Ceilings Idle Ray (new) Like Like 2021